My first day at Uni


Carpe diem
Sorry this is so late but I've been tied up with one thing and another all day and evening but I thought I'd just pop in and say I had a great day .... confusing, bewildering and more than a little daunting but I survived.

Mostly it was just induction after induction (and more to come tomorrow!) ... I have my first proper lecture (Heritage studies) on Thursday followed on Friday by English Language and then Victorian literature. Ooo-err!!

I got my daughter Amy to take a few pics on her phone to mark 'day 1' - here's a link to my photobox with them added. The campus is small for a Uni but it dates back a LONG time and has some spectacular buildings (as you can see in some of the pics).

I might start a proper diary thread to coincide with my new adventure but for now, it's almost 1am and I'm shattered to night-night everyone: speak to you all tomorrow! xx
Ahh Debbie,
glad to hear everything went ok yesterday....

You naughty girl, being up so late!! :p

clicked on the pictures but taking ages to load for some reason, so thought I'd reply whilst I'm waiting for them!

here's to another good day today :D
Hiya Debbie,
Glad the first day went well.
Photos.....OMG! you are a shadow of the person I met in Birmingham! (and you weren't that big then) You look fab. Won't see you in November you'll have disappeared! :eek:
Kamilla xx
Hey Skinny lady!!!!

I LOVE that you're wearing your uni sweatshirt - how COOL is that???

Glad you had a good day, hun - it's bound to be a steep learning curve at first - and I wish you every success in your studenty life (just don't partake too much of the contents of the student bar hehe!)

Lots of love
My daughter gave me that as she bought a new one Izzy. I was really 'getting into student' wasn't I, wearing a cast-off hoodie! But just a year ago I couldn't have imagined that photo being taken - ME, at Uni, in my DAUGHTER'S old hoodie, in a standard size. Blimey - it's like a dream!

It's bound to get even better once I get past this awkward patch and the weight starts shifting properly again. Once that happens, I'll treat myself to a smaller hoodie! ;)
Good grief!!! You should be SO SO proud of yourself!!:D

Well done what an amazing weight loss you obviously have real courage and guts.

What are you studying at uni - I am hoping to get there in a few years when my children are a bit older to become a midwife:) .

Many many congratulations on your changed life!!:)

Thanks Tasha!

I'm studying for a degree in English & Creative writing with Heritage studies (bit of a mouthful!)

As for you going to Uni as soon as the time is right .... absolutely go for it! We all need challenges and dreams to keep us 'alive' and buzzing :)

One of my big problems in the past, I believe, was not challenging myself enough. I stayed in my comfort zone (eating a lot!). I never believed I could be capable of anything and never challenged or pushed myself because I was scared of failure. So life became a vicious circle of frustration, boredom, unfulfillment and this led to a low self-esteem ... round and round I went for decades. No challenges = no failure = no achievement either.

Sometimes we need to stick our heads above the parapet and take a risk or two. Deep breath - both feet: in you go!! :D
Oh Debbie - you look absolutely radiant .. and so cool in your Uni hoodie! :D

Congratulations on becoming an Undergraduate .. and I'm gonna be the first to bet you'll get a 1st class honours degree. I'll collect my winnings in 3 years time OK? ;)

Much love, honey
Wow! Look at you! :)

Great work and heaps of admiration for starting Uni.
Well done Debbie, that is fantastic, lovely pics, I wish you all the best with your uni course, I think that when you get over the initial stage of everything being new you will love it all. It will be positive for you as an individual.
Love Matty
Hi Debbie,

Ahhhh Uni, you will love it when you get a few more days under your belt. I know I did and I was 35 before I became an Undergraduate. I'm quite jealous of you.:D I loved the first week of Uni.

As Isy says, avoid the student bar or you'll never get a thing done!!!!;)
WOW WOW WOW - Debbie you look fantastic, I know you have been fed up with the slow loss lately but you only need to look in the mirror to see how amazingly different you look!
I am so glad you had a good first day - it is always nice to get day one under your belt.
You are having a whole new life - it is just inspiring to see what you have achieved. I am so proud of you. Love and hugs
OMG the difference in you since the time we met is amazing.

That's the thing now, each lb you are lossing is a proportionately larger percentage of your body so every lb is even more noticeable.

I hope you have a wonderful time at uni but try not to get too sloshed in the student union bar :D
Debbie you look amazing - how a year makes a difference! I remember when you first posted on DH and you explained your name - how many more dolls to you think you have inside you?
Great question Hels about the dolls:)

I remember when Debbie first joined DH as well and talked about her username and the imagery from all the dolls inside each other.