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My first day... ever!

Hi to anyone who cares (anyone?).
This is my very first go at LT. So far its going well, although I expect I am still living off the copious amounts of food I ate yesterday knowing I would not be 'eating' for quite some time!

I have just over 4 stone to lose to get to my ideal weight :) I know it will be difficult but I also know that I need a TFR because I cannot control myself when I have to choose what and how much to eat. Even on WW you have to choose and I found that I would choose to eat things with high points then blow the points cos I'm hungry later.

I have very high hopes for this diet but am a little worried about feeling yucky. Whenever I fast I feel proper ill with headaches, stomach pains and generally feeling dire. I am just hoping that the small amount of calories we get to have will put off those symptoms.

Anyway, its great to be here and I expect I will be on here A LOT looking for support!

Love Sarah
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Hi Sarah,

I am in my 3rd week of lipotrim, I found the first 3 days hard as I had a headache but since then I have been fine. The tempetation of food is the hardest, I am off work on maternity leave so I've been cooking for my hubby and 2 older kids, thats what i find the hardest. I seem to keep cooking the things I'd love to have myself, I've even done a load of baking and stocked up the freezer! For me the tempetation of food hasn't gotten easier. I have not eaten any food but have had the odd lick of a soon! I lost 10lbs the first week and 4 lbs this week, next weigh in is Tuesday. I too need to lose 3 to 4 stone, the only thing keeping me motivated is trying on clothes that were gone too small and they are slowly starting to fit again.
Its a really tough diet but it works and the results are really worth it.

Good luck xx
hiya Essjay and welcome to LT l am now in my 27th day now and my
weigh in tomorrow,cant wait because you know your going to loose, it does get easier the longer you do it,just make sure you drink plenty of water,its so important.I cant even say l feel tired and l work 12 hour shifts in a busy nursing home for 4 days,once ketosis sets in you do feel better and not hungry,so good luck and tell us all how you go on for your 1st weigh in. xx
Thank you for your supportive messages! Well, day one was fine actually. I am so glad that it is a TFR cos the family's lasagne last night was VERY tempting!

Day 2 is going well too. Been shopping today for an outfit to wear tonight and felt so much more positive about clothes shopping. I was happier knowing that some time soon I will be able to wear virtually anything and it look good. Feeling very motivated :)

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