my first day on tfr......


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hi every one.....

well after deciding not to do LT and do exante as between the two i find exante much better tasting today is my first day. i ordered my 50 choc shakes on friday so should get them today but luckily i had one left over so i had half yest in an attempt to cut down the day before which went ok apart from a couple of biscuits but now we have none left and ive told the fam its fresh fruit for them from now on, anyway had the other half this morning as a hot choc which is not to bad with a cpl sweetners. ive not ordered any bars but i managed to get 3 boxes of tesco bars which im gonna have this evening as i can go all day but as soon as evening comes i just wanna eat so at least ive got something to munch im gonna just have shake for lunch then mid afternoon another hot choc and then bar for just gonna see how it goes but if at least if i really cant do it hopefully if i stick to high protein things i can still keep losing. hubbys got a week off in feb valentines week so may have to do WS that week.unless my weight loss spurs me on but i still feel wonder if i will lose wieght :-(
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Good luck hunni x