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Attack My first day!

It is my first day of attack today. I am feeling strong and ready to start this. I spent ages yesterday boiling eggs that my father in law had given me.

For breakfast this morning I had a nescafe gold blend coffee made with skimmed milk. Porridge made with the 1.5 tablespoons of oatbran mixed with water.

Is a muller light vanilla and a boiled egg acceptable for a lunch meal followed by cottage cheese flavoured with onion for tea?

Is all exercise not recommended while in attack? I walk a lot during the day.... should I just spend my days as normal or add a little exercise session?

Where can the ketostix be obtained from?
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I'm not sure about exercise, I went on a 10mile cycle ride yesterday - how I read it was that you should do at least 20minutes walking, minimum, but if you want too you can do more.


** Chief WITCH **
In attack, a 20 min walk is perfect. If you feel up to more, why not, but nothing strenuous.

I don't think you're planning to eat enough for lunch or dinner. Check out our menu threads and see what we eat!

As I said in another thread, with your BMI I'm sorry you're getting into this low carb lark... it can be a difficult journey and stabilising isn't easy afterwards.

No one here uses ketostix. Waste of money! By day three most people feel the benefits.

Have you been onto the UK official site to calculate your "true weight" and how many days' attack it recommends for your diet profile?


** Chief WITCH **
No worries...
Lil Mrs Sunshine - can I ask if you have the book? You seem to be confused over some details of the diet and your diet plan, as you are asking the same questions more than once, even after they have been answered by people good advice.

The best advice you've been given is not to use low-carb dieting to force your weight down to an unhealthy level. Women need a certain body weight simply to have a normal healthy life. Slimming down below that damages our bones, our hearts, our sex lives, and our chances of having children.
I have decided not to pursue Dukan. I have lost weight successfully before by healthy eating and exercise and this is what I am going to be doing once again.

Thanks for all your input. Especially to Maintainer - you have helped me a lot. I dont want to spend the rest of my life yoyoing up and down in weight. I want to get to a point and stay stable at it. Thats my goal and thats my mission - to be at goal by honeymoon in healthy and sensible way.


Goat herder(ess)
That sounds very sensible indeed, Lil Mrs Sunshine. I think that you've made the right decision for your particular case. Best not to mess around too much with your metabolism if it isn't necessary.


** Chief WITCH **
Thank you Lil Miss Sunshine :)

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