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Discover My first diary


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I've decided to try doing a food diary to make me write it all down. I'm only eating about 14-16 points a day but would like to keep an eye on not having either too few or too many points as I know that won't be good.
So I will try and remember today's food

Coffee and a glass of water at breakfast. 1 point milk for the day.

(never eat breakfast. I know that's not ideal for everyone but it works for me as if I eat it I'm always hungry all morning.

Lunch. Carrot sticks celery baby corn
Light dip. 2 points
Ww hula hoops. 1 point
Tea. Ww chicken hotpot
Salad with sweetcorn and mixed
Savoury seeds. 8 points
Snacks. Coffee. Diet coke. Alpen light bar.
Handful of seeds. 2 points.
Total. 14 points.
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Hi emmaline.
Thank you for advice. I think that's why I needed to start a diary for some other input from people. I'm going to have a gd look at other diaries and get some hints.
I'm trying to eat the seeds which I ordered online, they are delicious and I have different flavours. Like curry, spicy, sweet. Etc. I think seeds contain some protein.
I also eat fish at least 3-4 times a week. Not sure if that's still enough though. I'm getting close to
My 2 stone loss then only about 4 more stone to go so I'll be around for a while.
Thank u for helping me xxx


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Today I've had

Coffee (today's milk ). 1.5 points
Carrots. Celery. Light dips. 2
Ww hula hoops. 1
Starbucks skinny latte 1/2 cup. 1.5

Ww lasagne. 4.5
Couscous with seeds. 3

Pink and White wafer. 0.5

Total. 14 POINTS


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Coffee (days milk total). 1.5

Celery peppers babycorn
Carrots light dip. 2
Ww crisps. 1
Alpen light bar. 1

Tea tonight
( darts evening food provided)
So I'll only have 2 of the pubs sandwich platter and I'll allow 6 points as they are chunky!
Sub total 11.5
But may have something after darts later. Will update if I do
Hi Daisy , I presume you are doing the discovery plan but even so 14 points a day is not enough. Try to have something for breakfast even if its only a bananna. Your metabolism doesnt start to burn fat until you eat (so says my leader) Something filling like a protein eg scrabled egg, porridge . .

Your body needs a certain amount of fuel to burn calories and If you constantly undercut that your weightloss could stop .better to use those few extra points on a bit of extra protein.


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Hi. Yes it's the discover plan. I have a real problem with breakfast. If I eat it I'm always really hungry all morning.
If I wait until lunch time it just seems to work for me.

Today so far

Coffee/days milk. 1.5

Mixed seeds. 2
Celery and carrots
Light dip. 2
Ww crisps. 1

Chicken breast. 4
Couscous. 2
Alpen light bar. 1
Fruit stars. 1

Total will be. 14.5

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