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My first LL class as a Locum

Wish me luck guys, I completed my training this weekend to become a LL Locum and I am delivering my first 2 foundation groups tonight!!

I can't quite believe it of myself to be honest. This is the girl that would rather throw herself down the stairs than present anything in front of strangers a few short months ago.

I have to admit I am really nervous - had dreams all last night that I make a right old hash of it - but I think when push comes to shove I can cope with the nerves. I am hoping this will be a massive step in the right direction for a happier future for me.

I just wanted to share this with you all and hope you will all wish me luck in my adventure

Love Laura
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wow well done you i hope to be starting a weight-matters consultancy in the new year let me know how you go!!
Wow!!! You kept that quiet or did I totally miss it? Doh!!!

Are you training to be a LLC???

Anyway, you are going to be brilliant - for all sorts of reasons but, I reckon, what the Foundation people will really appreciate is the fact that you have been there (very recently). You know ALL ABOUT what they are going through AND you have succeeded.

I know you are going to be fantastic. Really proud of you; lucky them! I know you will inspire them! Full report please!! You don't need luck; just go and have fun! You are helping people change their lives for the better; how cool is that?

Anyway, must dash; my lodger moves in today! I shouldn't even be on here today....LOL!

Big kiss. Will be thinking of you!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Oh Laura, am so proud of you hun!, you are going to be great and your ever increasing confidence will grow and grow.

Good luck and special thoughts

Good luck Laura - I'm sure it will go really well for you. I bet your Foundationers will be more nervous than you (I remember my first class & I was terrified!)
Let us know how it went. We're all thinking of you!!!
What a lovely lot you all are - thank you all for the well wishes.
Mrs L - yes I did keep it quiet - not sure why. Think it is crooked thinking taking hold again - that if I told people about it that I would only have more people to explain myself to when I failed.... (I can be such an optimist sometimes!!)
This has been a huge turning point in my life and I really am ready to move forward with the self confidence to succeed. It is all thanks to LL and I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity help others find their own path to happiness. I know it will not be an easy job sometimes and I am certainly going to feel very apprehensive tonight - but I will deliver the programme to the best of my ability and this will mark the start of my new life.
In answer to your question Mrs L - this is my opportunity to dip my toe in the water with the LLC role. I am going to reassess how I feel about it after gaining real experience and make my decision from there. As it stands I would love to do this fulltime and leave my miserable NHS job - but I am taking things slowly for now. Baby steps all the way for me....

I will report back tomorrow on how it all went.
Have a great day everyone - and spare a thought for my stomach butterflies as you go about your evening!

Take care
Hi Laura - Hope your first classes are a breeze! Did you have to do much training to be a LLC?
Well here is the report as promised...

I covered two foundation groups last night. My first class was a little shaky for the first few mins, but the lovely ladies in the group were very supportive and I soon found my feet. My second group was much better, I felt much more confident and felt I delivered the group quite smoothly.
I came out of the office buzzing like never before and felt like I had a temperature of 104 from the adrenaline, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. As soon as I relaxed and was more myself, the course content just flowed out - it was a great feeling.

It is still so weird for me, in Jan this year I was asked to present to a group of about 15 people (as part of my NHS job), I stressed about it so much that I barely slept and when the day finally came, I chickened out and refused to do it, I begged my colleague to step in and do it for me and luckily she agreed. 10 months later and post LL, I am looking at presenting to people for a living, and ENJOYING it - this programme works miracles... I am living proof.

So first two classes down, 2 more tonight, 2 more tomorrow and 2 on Monday night... better get swotting!!!

FYI - I am not a LLC - I am only a Locum, the training is very different for each. The training to be a LLC takes 4 months intensive training before you can practice as a counsellor and 2 years more until you are a qualified counsellor, the Locum training takes 2 days training by LL and on the job training from your LLC. If I wanted to become a full LLC in the future I would have to start from scratch with the training.

Many thanks for all your support you lovely, lovely people


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well done you, that is a lot of people you are helping there.
I know for a fact that having an LLC who has done the program is very beneficial and I am much more likely to listen to what she has to say. Having a locum that also understands is great, the last thing you need when your LLC goes on holiday is someone who doesn't understand taking over, it could be very damaging to you programme especially in the early stages.
Good on ya!
Laura!! I totally missed this post first time round!
You're going to be so fabulous at this I just know it! I've always loved your posts. I wish you were my LLC!!
Massive congrats on getting over the nerves hurdle on presenting, and so pleased your first few classes as a Locum went well.
Can't wait to here more :D
Awww thanks Tiger Girl - that is so nice of you.
I have now taken quite a few classes and although I am always nervous before - I am still really enjoying the classes.
I am really lucky to have this opportunity and I still pop on here everyday to get inspiration and listen to all the great advice I hear on the boards everyday (especially yours TG) so that I can go to my classes and pass it off as my own....... LOL only joking.
I hope to be a full LLC one day - but in the meantime, I am happy being a Locum (I need to save up my pennies for about 20 years before I can afford to buy my own business anyway!!!)
You are doing so well TG - so close to the next stage now. Just hold on tight and you will be fighting your way to the front of the scrum in the january sales.
Good luck
Hi Laura

Great to hear it's still going well. Those LighterLifers are lucky to have you!!!

Have you finished RtM yet? Can't remember where you are...

Big kiss and have a lovely weekend.

Love Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx
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Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment. I know exactly what you meant about having to give a presentation at work, etc. I absolutely HATE having all eyes on me....more painful then root canal.

I don;t know you, or course, but sounds like you have changed by leaps and bounds and that is very encouraging and exciting.

Well done!!!

Just out of curiosity - have most of the LL counselers done the program themselves? I would find it hard if my counselor has never had a weight problem!!

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