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My First "Real" step forward!

Hi everybody! :)

Well, I have taken the first step towards no turning back.
I have put 2 of my winter coats on e bay! :p

One is a black wool coat, and another is a gorgeous red one.

I love both the coats and paid a fair bit for them, but they are now too big ~ one is a 22, one is a 24, and today I have been wearing my size 16 coat from Per Una ~ the first in my "slimmer" wardrobe to be aired for 3 years!!! :eek:

I was ponderingon holding onto the larger ones " in case I put it back on"....but you guys are such inspiration to get rid of the old fat me for good that I have taken the plunge! :)

Now, I'm looking forward to all my size 14 and 12s from Karen Millen ~ I keep stroking them in the wardrobe and thinking, "pleeeease...let me get back into you!"....touch wood, shouldn't be long! xx :p
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Way to go Laydee!
I have piled all my too big clothes in the corner of the wardrobe ...need to get organised for the big throw out too - I'm not ever going back there either!


I will do this!
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that's fantastic laydee - you go girl! x
Thanks you two....am enjoying the journey all the more thanks to my new friends on here. xx :)


Playing the Angel
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Congrats hun! it is such a liberating feeling isn't it?? I put it off for ages and also had to throw things away by degrees. Eventually I got the hell in and sent it all to the charity shop. (lol they love me there now) It was one of the most freeing feelings I have ever had.



I Can Do This!
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Well done Laydee! You'll be in those 12s and 14s in a very short while.

I passed a load of my old size 22/24 trews to a lady in my developers who has come down from a 30+. I was pleased to help, but also to make the break from them sitting around in bags. I was more than happy to see them leave the house forever. Now, just got to sort out the rest - ebay, charity, dusters, kids fancydress!

Will keep my 12s as ultimate fallback position. ;)


Happy in my own skin
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Hope you got a good price on ebay. I've sold quite a few things and it's quite liberating letting it go...:D

Well done you!


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I think it is critical getting rid of the old big clothes (excepting one reminder!) Otherwise your brain will think it's ok to go back. Really well done taking the plunge with your fave coats. Always harder when it was an item of bigger clothing that you actually felt nice in.

I have relished getting rid of the older stuff, as soon as I can get into something smaller out the old goes into the charity.

You'll be into those Karen Millen's before you know it.



Gotta Make A Change
ahhhh well done :)
i need to get rid of my clothes too :)
Thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging words. :)

Nobody is actually bidding on the coats as of yet, so they may be hanging around a while longer! :p

When i was in need of 22 or 24 clothes, I couldn't find anything nice on e bay for a bargain! That's why I ended up paying a lot for items....and now nobody seems to want a bargain tent from me! :p
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Good job Laydee!!! That is a difficult and scary thing to do!!

I cried when I started throwing all my fat clothes out. I felt I was letting go of my friends who hid me for so many years....my security. It was a very scary thing.

My husband said, 'do you want to store them in the loft...you know....jut in case?' And I said, 'NO!!!' For I felt if they were there, I might end up back in them - so getting rid of them is the right move!!

Good on ya girl!!!
Thanks BL. ( And love the new pic! )

I also put on a few pair of shoes last night ~ they are not "fat" shoes, but evening shoes...some strappy Karen Millens and some satin evening shoes.
The reason for putting these on is that they remind me of the time BEFORE I began the weight gain, and I think I need a whole new fresh start.

I'm thinking there will be quite a wardrobe clearout coming up....and I will be spending a lot of time uploading pics on e bay!!! :p

New Year, New Start coming up! xx :)

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