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My first week and i stayed the same

:cry: My consultant says its cos i ate banana's b4 i quite slimming world last time
I can't seem to eat them and gained
Bless Lynn my consultant she said it was a mixture of that and the cross trainer
I am glad i paid for 6 weeks countdown or a might not have gone next week but i don't want my money to go to waste
Going to try really hard this week
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bannanas??? really but i thought they were free?? ahh luv, i know how u feel, when youve tried really hard all week, its a right kick in the goolies aint it, but as u say its a good thing youve paid for 6 weeks, i bet next week youl have a really good loss, stay positive hun, thats what this site is for, and your determination is still there otherwise u wouldnt haVE posted on this site, so keep popping on and keep motivated x x x if u need any motivation or help just PM me xx good luck chick xx
at least you sts! dh put on 1/2lb in his first week but has gone on to lose most weeks since :)
Thanks for the comments it made me feel better
My consultant says that banana's are free but they pack a lot of energy and i could ride on a pushbike 40 miles there and back and still have energy left has i am quite addicted to them i can understand in a way just got to cut them down lol
I don't eat bananas myself, and I could understand you gaining if you were eating them by the wheelbarrow, but...

There are all sorts of reasons why weight loss doesn't show up, and you might find it catches up with you next week - last week I lost 1/4 of a pound, and this week 5 pounds. I did nothing different, but I was mid-cycle and ovulating on weigh day the first week, and the water gain masked the 2.5 pounds I had really lost. Stick with it and it will pay off in the end.
I'm guessing that having just ovulated is the reason then. Happens to me every month, I always retain water!
I always put on before my period is due, and everyone accepts that. I also know that sometimes I would gain weight for no apparent reason, but I have been charting my fertility recently and this is the first month that ovulation came at the same time as weigh day. I do weigh more often than I should (slap wrist) and midweek of the week before ovulating I was on course for a great loss, then for no reason I just gained over 2 pounds. It went as suddenly as it came a few days later, but if I had only weighed in on weigh day I would have been very disappointed as I had worked hard and been 100% all week and lost virtually nothing. As I say, I've done nothing different this week and got a 5lb loss, which is really 2.5 from last week (which was "lost" on the scales) and 2.5 from this. I had never really appreciated that you can gain water around ovulation, and never really took that much notice about when it was before, but I guess now that's why sometimes I would just gain for no obvious reason and then lose it again.
well done on the loss this week :)

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