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My first week on SW- anyone else feel like this?

Hi all SWers!
I am in my first week and just wonder if anyone else stuck to the SW plan in their first week (i'm on day 5) and didn't feel like they had lost weight? I'm not weighing myself I just don't feel any different and sometimes I'm loading up on free foods so much that I don't know how it will work- I feel really satisfied. (done Green and Extra Easy days) I'm never hungry like when I did WW- I've heard SW is better but I need to see if others felt like this when they started the diet?!
I started during the exact same week as TOTM and wonder if that could affect things!

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Just keep at it, it works! trust me! Just make sure its free foods and you'll be fine!
Give it a month at least to see if you loose and also keep a diary!
I am sure you will have lost!


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My guess will be that a good 75% of people on this board felt like that during their 1st week and the majority went on to lose.

I know it's easy for me to say, but try not to worry xxx
You'll be fine, it really does work! SW do a "money back guarantee" if you don't lose weight!! Try not to compare to WW, it's nothing like it - I was always STARVING when I did WW years ago. Keep on with the free foods and don't worry, it will come off. Good luck!
I agree with the others. The thing I love about SW is that the more you eat (free foods) the more weight you can loose.
Ive done WW too and had good losses, but felt so hungry all the time that I wanted to cheat and I actually found it cost me so much more money.


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Hiya, it does defenatley work, sometimes people feel like this in their first week. You probably will have lost weight, however if not you will defo have a loss the second week. One of the times when i previously done sw i only lost half a pound in the first week, then the next week i lost 5.5. Sometimes our bodies just need to adjust. Stick with it, it is a great plan. sometimes also if you go from one diet to another, like eg ww first then onto sw it takes time for our bodies to balance out.
Thanks for all the responses- I think I just needed to know others felt like this- I'll post how i did after Tuesday's weigh in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! x
Good luck Hun and you will be surprised!


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In my first ever week I thought this can't possibly work, I'm eating far too much! I lost 5 1/2 pounds that week. It does work, much better than ww (for me anyway).
I felt no different, and I lost half a stone in my first week!
JoJoJo, like you this is my first week and I feel like I am eating loads but I have done SW before in the past and it really does work. I don't think that I have ever felt hungry on SW which is great! Good luck for weigh-in too xx


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i lost 4 lbs and i had cheated lmao honest hon stick with it , you dont have to go hungry to loose weight XXX
my loss

Well I did lose but only 2lb. Was hoping for more in my first week but I think I might have been overfilling myself to stop myself reaching for the snacks. Will try better....

Had to hand my food diary in to my group leader so she can check how I was doing. I wonder if mixing extra easy and green days has effected me so I'm going greed and red this week to see how I get on.


I am one of the 63336
Hi JoJoJo

Well done on your weight loss. 2lb is excellent!!

You've probably seen a few posts where people have lost more in their 1st week. I'm not saying it is indicative of everyone but in many cases they will have more than you to lose in total.

I lost 8lb in my 1st week BUT, and trust me it's a HUGE butt :), I had 10 stone to lose.

You should be giving yourself an enormous pat on the back for that loss.
thanks for all of the encouragement. think I'm back focussed on my SW for the week again. I think I was expecting too much that's all. If I could lose 2lb every week I would be a very happy girl!


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Please don't be disappointed with 2lbs! It will be fat not water, and your body is probably in shock mode, trust me you will have a bigger loss next week!
2lb is a very good healthy weight loss Hun. Well done!!
Most of us (and I say most) that have the big losses at the beginning, have loads to loose in the first place.
Keep this up and the weight will come off before you know it!

Good luck for week 2.

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