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My first week!

Hi everyone, I just started last Wednesday and its my first time doing a diet like this. I've done loads of others in the past including weight watchers (lost 2st!) and just before this one I was on atkins but didn't lose very much on that one, found it very difficult to eat so much meat aswell as I'm not really a meat eater!

I'm on step 2 at the moment as my BMI is 45 :(
I think I would be fine on step one, I don't feel hungry at all and most of the time my stomach feels really bloated, did anyone else feel that when they started?

I'm have 3 shakes/porridge a day and 1 breast of chicken with 3 tablespoons of greens, I'm allowed chicken, turkey or fish as my protein. Unfortunately I dont really eat fish either unless its battered lol.

My main issue is my dinners really, although I don't feel I always need them, I am getting bored of chicken. Can anyone suggest something I could do with it that wouldn't affect my diet too much?
Would those birds eye chicken breast/fish fillet cook in the bag things be ok to have as a change?

Would really appreciate any tips :)

Sorry for rambling! :rolleyes:
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Good luck on your Cambridge journey!

I'm on step 2 at the minute and found its been really working for me as I'm quite inventive in the kitchen anyway. I normally cut my chicken breast into chunks and crack some black pepper over it, then sprinkle over some paprika and chilli powder then grill until crispy and it's DELICIOUS. I've also used the squeeze of lemon juice, some reduced fat stock and a pinch of garlic powder in the same way and again, lovely. Normally have it with rocket, spring onion and a tiny amount of green pepper to make a salad and it always fills me up and tastes good.

I've also used percentages to have a combo, so half the chicken and half the chickpeas for example, then whizz the chickpeas with some cumin, a teaspoon of non-fat yogurt and pepper to make a hummus-type dip for the chicken, which again is lush.

If you don't like fish then the tuna prob isn't worth it but I mix that (and it's a HUGE portion) with chopped spring onion, green peppers and whatever flavouring I want and eat it straight.

I'm thinking of making a soup soon with the chicken and cabbage allowances too. There ARE possibilities, you just need to explore :)
Thanks Choufleur!

I wasn't too sure which herbs and spices I'm allowed to use if any so that's opened up alot of possibilities for me now! Not sure about the lemon juice thou? Alot of people have told me that can take you out of ketosis so I avoid any.

Tuna I actually do eat, usually with loads of salad cream thou ;)
But that sounds really nice too!

Let me know how you get on with the soup, I was thinking of making some with real stock when I was on atkins and it would be nice to have during the day too as I don't like any of the cambridge soups!
On step 2 you're allowed a squeeze of lemon juice :)

I will let you know! Will prob make it tonight as it's sooo chilly it'll be nice to be all warm!

I think, THINK that most all herbs/spices are ok but I'm seeing my CDC tonight so will check and let you know :)
has your CDC given you the spiral-bound booklet? thre's more to step two that chicken, turkey or plain white fish.

Do you like prawns? my fave thing on 810 was raw king prawns (the grey ones) dry fried really quickly (just until they turn pink) with some chopped cucumber.

I also liked a mushroom omelette made with two large eggs and some finely chopped mushrooms, the mushrooms softened in the microwave with a tiny splash (less than half a teaspoon) of light soy sauce.

the chicken-in-a-bag things are likely to contain things taht will hinder your diet. Also, it's not a bad idea to get out of the mindset of convenience foods when you're doing the higher stages of CD.
Thanks that would be great :)

@spangles ; No I didn't get any books when I started? No mention of them...
I haven't had my doctors note signed yet so maybe I will get them after that?
Hey Krissy, just wanted to let you know that I made the soup tonight :) And it was delicious! Gently "fried" 2 chopped spring onions with half of my chicken allowance, then added half of my chickpea allowance and cooked until the chicken was done on the outside. Then I used the reduced-salt bouillon powder, basil, a pinch of garlic powder and lots of chilli powder to make a stock and added it to the pan...cooked for about 15 minutes and it was really, really lovely. Very warming and tasty.

How've the last few days gone for you?
Wow that does sound good! Need something like that to warm me up in this weather and I don't like any CD soups :(

Had my weigh in yesterday and lost 7lbs! So happy :D
Stuck to it completely and not been hungry at all :)
Thank you!

Can't wait til next week now lol

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