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My first weigh on lighterlife lite, I lost .....

5lbs! Yay and double Yay!:happy036:

My start weight was 12.4 stone and I weighed in today at 11.13.

I could feel that I had lost weight but until I stepped on that scale there was that horrible fear that I hadn't lost anything or worse still that I had put on weight!

Everyone else in the group did well and one lady lost 8lb! One girl lost 1lb (she had lost 9lb the week previously) but admitted that she had gone out drinking and regretted it afterwards.

As far as I'm concerned and loss is good!

Looking forward to seeing how everyone else is doing. x
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Well done:happy096:
Well done 5lbs is a good loss
Iv been really struggling but have decided today, after reading through posts fpr the last hr or so That I will get back on to LLlite & start packs again. :scale:
Hi Kik, thank you. I am loving the freedom of lighterlife lite because I can still have lunch or dinner with my boyfriend. I haven't felt hungry at all and have no cravings.

I love the shakes, porridge and bars but not the soups and my only problem so far is coping with the increase in water as I HATE water but love the st.clements powder, thankfully.
I agree the water is hard but I think it makes a big difference.
I hate the porridge - LOL but love the veg & Thai soup.
I am going to restart tomo and aim to do one day at time.:)
Yay I lost 2lb. That's 7lb/half a stone in 2 weeks! Very pleased with that.

We had 2 new ladies join our group but sadly only myself and two other women turned up from our previous group.

Still, us three 'original's' are all doing well and are very happy with lighterlife lite.
Well done again St A.

Glad to see you are back Kik, I hoped you hadn't given up. Us LLLers need to stick together......there don't seem to be many of us!
Kik, do take it one day at a time and your perseverance will pay off.

I've never really thought about food before and have just eaten whatever I fancy and now I am on LLL I have questioned myself about why I was eating all that rubbish before.

I used to say to myself that I had better eat something in case I COULD feel faint later on! And whoosh down would go another Ripple/Aero/flake or even all three!

I have been fooling no one but myself and am so glad that I have started LLL.

Can you identify what triggers you off? Do you genuinely feel hungry when your on the packs or are you tempted by certain things? Do you eat for the sake of it and it's a become a habit that you find hard to break?

If you can spot what things make you want to overeat then it will help you think of ways to tackle your feelings and not do it.
I haven't been around much as work has been hectic but am pleased to report that I went for my third weigh in and have lost 2lb.

So in three weeks I have lost 9lb which I am very happy about.

I have also lost two inches off of my waist which is fab!

I can feel and see the difference in my body and am so pleased.

In my group we all lost around the same weight and some of the other ladies were disappointed that they didn't lose more but I am very happy with a steady loss of couple of pounds each week as my body can shrink without getting loose skin or stretch marks.

Of course it would be fab in some ways if the weight disappeared overnight but that wouldn't be realistic!

Hope everyone else is doing and is happy.


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Well done hun!!
My housemate is thinking of doing LL Light so I might get some info for him from my LLC tonight :)

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