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My Food Diary - I want to be a yummy mummy!

Thought I'd try giving a food diary another go - restarted SW again today :eek:

So today...

Green Day
HEX A: 250ml semi skimmed milk
HEX A: 28g of cheese
HEX B: x2 weetabix
HEX B: x2 alpen lights

Breakfast: x2 weetabix with sweetner, coffee with sweetener and milk
Lunch: Quorn spaghetti bolognese
Dinner: More quorn spaghetti bolognese lol!
Snacks: grapes, banana and x2 alpen lights (hex b)
Syns: Maltesers!! 9.5 syns

Not a bad first day back, thought I could have definately had more fruit! My spag bol had quite a bit of superfree food in it so wont worry TOO much. Really need to drink more water too. Onwards and upwards! I didn't enjoy eating the same thing for lunch as I did for dinner (needed to use it up) wont do that again lol :D
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Feeling positive again today :) hoping for another 100% day!

Breakfast: x2 weetabix (hex b) milk (hex a) with sweetener. Glass of NAS squash. Coffee with x2 sugars (2 syns - ran out of sweetener!) and milk (hex a)

Lunch: carrot sticks, pepper, savoury rice, salad, quorn chicken, hard boiled eggs
WW peach yoghurt, glass of NAS squash

Snack: chocolate fibre plus bar (gorgeous!!! Hex b)

Dinner: pan fried fish with a citrus and chilli salsa, lots of broccoli and Brussels sprouts
WW yoghurt and maltesers (9.5 syns)

Exercise: 4.5 mile walk with buggy


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Morning folks :) feeling positive again this morning woohoo!

Breakfast: beans on toast (hex b) coffee with sweetener and milk (hex a) diet red bull (bad night with baby) Blueberries

Lunch: home made leek and potato soup. Apple. x2 bananas. WW yoghurt

Snack: quorn chicken with peppers & spring onion and spices, mayo (1 syn)
Fibre plus bar (hex b)

Dinner: pasta with a rich tomato sauce made with a load of veg and olives. Gorgeous!!

Supper: weetabix (6 syns) and milk (rest of hex a)

Sooooo bloated the past 3 days. All this fruit and veg is killing my stomach :(


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Breakfast: x2 slices of toast (hex b) with scrambled egg & ketchup (2 syns)
Coffee with milk (hex a)
Glass of NAS squash

Lunch: pasta with a tomato and veg sauce
Bounty (6.5 syns)

Dinner: quorn curry
Fibre plus bar (hex b)

Really busy day so not much time or energy to eat/cook!
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Breakfast: coffee with milk (hex a) fried eggs with ketchup (1 syn) (discovered there was no bread once they were cooked!) so then a bowl of all bran (42g hex b) rest of milk (hex a) and a banana.

Missed lunch :(

Dinner: 2 salmon fillets with lemon and herb sauce, new potatoes, carrots and peas
Curly wurly (6 syns)
X2 rich tea lights (3 syns)
Fibre plus (hex b)

Can u tell I'm having choc cravings tonight lol oh dear
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I have had a bad night with my toddler and for some reason I've eaten a large ish bag of buttons, 4 mini choc doughnuts and about 8/9 light rich teas. Im trying not to beat myself up about it as I'm sure it's my hormones being mental. Not going to have any syns today or tomorrow as damage control. Weigh in day tomorrow I just hope I've not blown it :( :(
Weigh in day today, lost 2lbs :) had a bad day yesterday but onwards and upwards :)

Breakfast: coffee with sweetener and milk (hex a) baked beans on toast (hex b)

Asda salt and vinegar crisps (4.5 syns)
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Been completely rubbish this week and put a pound back on lol. Back on plan today :)

x2 coffees (milk hex a) x2 weetabix (hex b)

Pre nursery snack of low fat noodles, chilli chicken, with tomato sauce (1 syn)

Beans on toast (hex b) with brown sauce (1 syn) bit boring but not feeling well so could be worse (I'd prefer cake for lunch today :p ) shape yogurt (0.5 syns) and an apple
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Back on the wagon and clinging on for dear life!

In preperation for tomorow when I will be updating from my phone :)
*Green Day*

Breakfast: 42g of All Bran (hex b) with chopped banana and semi skimmed milk. (hex a)
Coffee with milk (hex a) & sweetener.
Brunch: Roast Chicken Mugshot.
Lunch: x2 slices of wholemeal bread (hex b)with 1 laughing cow extra light triangle (1 syn), quorn chicken, extra light mayonnaise (1 syn). Shape strawberry yoghurt, pom bear crisps (4.5 syns)

Total Syns for the week: 0/105
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