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My food diary - starting week 4

Hey guys,

been doing this Slimming world malarky for 4 weeks now and its been going well.... aprt from my weigh in last night where I had a gain of 1.5lbs :cry:

I didn't have a bad week, I think this week I just didn't eat enough Superfree foods.

But anyway I found this site and decided it was just the thing to keep me on track, now that I am off from uni and the revision has me craving sweet treats and friends are home wanting to organise nights out...

SO food for today:

B: Banana

L: spaghetti hoops, bacon and Billy bear ham (3syns)

D: tba

Velvet crunch cheddar and spring onion - 4.5 syns

HEXA - 3 mini babybel light
HEXB - HiFi mint bar

I am a fussy/odd eater so things that I eat together - such as hoops and ham - may seem weird lol

Hope everyones doing well :)
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ok dinner was uncle bens rice with thai sweet chilli - 2.5syns
more bacon :)
and toffee muller light

thats a total of 10 syns :)
Im ok with that

debating whether to have mini b\g of malteasers (4.5) or 5 mallows (5) and while watching a girly movie ..... or be good and leave it at 10syns....
So here we go another day ...
Today for breakfast ( more like lunch because I had a nice wee lie in)

Bacon ( again) and HEXA cheese and HEXB bread + one slice whole meal bread (4syns?)
and 2 carrots raw

Heading to the cinema with the other half tonight - he will prob be having large popcorn, large coke and a hot dog. Temptation central. Usually I would bring mint HiFi but already had bread and dont know if I want to waste 6syns on one or have a creme egg at 8.5 syns....

I'll be back later to update
It's great having this app on iPod - so easy to keep track and noone has to know - not like pulling out a food diary sheet or notebook after or in the middle of a meal :)

Today was a bit of a bad day.... went over my syns allowance... but hope I can pull it together before the end of the week - Don't want another gain! or to STS

so here goes

B / L - ( had a nice wee lie in) - Bacon (again :) ) and " slices of cheese on toast with worchester sauce ( HEXA, HEXB and +3syns)
2 raw carrots :D

D - noodles and beansprouts - and one sausage from my bf sausage supper from the chinese :(

S - creme egg (8.5 syns)

therefore without the sausage it was 11.5 syns - the sausage was obviously more than 3.5 - so that makes me over the limit of 15 :(

But I'll be back on track tomorrow
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So I didn't have time to post yesterday so I'll do it now

B - banana
L - baby potatoes, chicken, carrots and mushrooms , with a tiny bit of chicken gravy (1syn)
D - bacon, spagetti hoops, 3 mini babble light (HEXA)

S- caramel egg (9syns!!!)
- mint HiFi bar ( HEXB)
- couldn't resist it so had a mini caramel (4syns)

Total syns 14 :s hmm need to lower this I think today

So far today it's been ok - havent really eaten much which could be my downfall

B - banana, 2 mini babybel light (2/3 HEXA)

L apple, HiFI mint (HEXB)

D - tba - nothing really in the house to eat - bacon and eggs... Don't know if I can stomach any more bacon :(

S - none so far

Be back later :)
So last nights dinner consisted of slimming world chips ( well cubes) with garlic and alphabetti spaghetti.

Then I had a caramel egg ( 9syns) and some noodles.

Total syns for yesterday was 9 then

Today has been better I think. Managed to resist going out for a meal with my OH but I missed breakfast today. But my lovely mummy is back home today so she will nag me into keeping on track :)

L - beans and sausages ( 3.5 syns), mint HiFi bar ( HEXB)

D - pasta with mozzarella cheese (HEXA), mushrooms, chicken, bacon, and two quorn sausages.

S creme egg (8.5 syns) I know again with the eggs! But I fern good that I'm not eating the whole Easter egg - just one egg a day and giving away the big egg.

About to have an apple also.

Walked about town today and did a cardio workout on the kinect. Granted it was only like 10mins but I was dying! Realise how unfit I am :( but step by step. That 10 mins will increase. It will!

Starting hard revision/studying time tomorrow, so will be craving the treats and want to do nothing but lie about. Have decided that if I'm not revising I'll be exercising - which one is the lesser of two evils lol hope it will motivate me to do both :)

Well night all to anyone who is reading this
Feel free to comment :)
Ok another day over. Today my mummy and I made the SW style KFC chicken - I have to say, it's the yummiest meal I've had this past month - and syn free the way we made it --- wooooo :D

So food for today

B - fruit salad - apple, orange, strawberries and banana

L - nothing :s didn't even realise this until now although was a late brekkie again - I love my lie ins :)

D - KFC style chicken - breadcrumbs ( HEXB) - baby potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans ( yuck! But ate them) and raw carrots ( yum yum). One blob of ketchup (1syn)

S - cheese ( HEXA plus 6 syns!!)
- 3 crackerbreads ( 3 syns)
- 2 mini oranges
- mini caramel - (4 syns)

Total syns for the day - 14 :( damn feel bad fir eating that caramel bar !!

Weigh in tomorrow night :s put on a pound and a half last week, even though I was good, hope this week is ok! I need 5 1/2 off to hit my first stone - was going well until last week :( hope I have that 1 1/2 back off!

Tried to add a picture of the chicken but no idea how to on this iPod :)

Until tomorrow ( if anyone's actually reading this :) )
So didn't get a chance to get on yesterday ...
But had my weigh in and woooooo lost 3.5 pounds!!!!

That's the 1.5 that I put on off plus another 2 :) yay!¡!

So yesterday I had very little to eat

Baked potato with beans, 2 bananas and a chocolate orange hi fi bar

But I went out last night with friends :s was drinking and had a cheeseburger :(

Then today was my planned day off - as we had a big family day for the royal wedding - BBQ and party :) so I was quite bad food wise :s but I had planned to be.... Going to write it all out so I know how bad it was ...

3 beef burgers with White baps, cheese and tomato ketchup ( many syns)
Quorn sausage
Milky stars (3.5 syns)
Corn on the cob
Garlic baby potatoes ( not made with butter)
Marshmallows ( 7syns)
Fruit skewers
Pringles (10.5 syns)
Cheesy biscuits ( 5syns)
2 malteaster bunnies (16 syns)

Drank diet lemonade, 7up free and water with cranberry juice and blue food colouring ice cubes ( red White and blue :) ) all day so good on that front

It was a great day apart from the food :s the wedding was lovely and her dress was beautiful. Much love and happiness to them.

Be back on track tomorrow :)
Another day another diary....

So today

B - banana

L - HiFi mint bar (HEXB), creme egg ( 8.5 syns ), 2 mini light babybel (HEXA)

D - bacon, scrambled egg, 2 slices of brown bread (6 syns)

S - none

Total syns 14.5 syns
There may be more syns due to having some popcorn in the cinema today so let's go with over 15 syns which is bad for today!!!

Flip sake !!! Thought I was being good. Feel so bad now!!
All I can do is be better tomorrow...

Oh well
Tomorrow is another day


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Back again, didn't go over my synd today :D yay ! But I was down to the wire :s

Here's what I've eaten today - although it's been a weird day because I have been feeling hungry non-stop today, even after eating - it'd like I couldn't be filled. Hmmmm... If anyone had any ideas feel free to share

B - up late again - I know this is bad but I am definitely a night owl and I rarely eat breakfast. In fact I find it hard to stick to B/L/D and just tend to eat when hungry - so I might just list the foods in order or just stick them roughly into the right section, whatever fits with that day.

So onto food

Baby potatoes
HiFi mint bar ( HEXb)
Weight watchers hot chilli tortilla crisps (4syns)
Rainbow drops (11syns!!!- I know but I couldn't resist)

Total syns 15 :(

I know it seems like I say this everyday but tomorrow will be better. I am going to cook a stir fry with lots of veg and try not to use my syns for sweets, and do some exercise - all with revising for exams and helping the bf and no doubt the will be visitors .....

Well what will be will be
Let's see what tomorrow brings shall we?
Hi there!

Been reading your diary and you sound like you are doing well! The kfc style chicken sounds lovely, definately need to give that a go :)

I have been struggling this week as I have been off work but back in tomorrow so hoping I might get back into a routine.

What exams are you revising for?

Just wanted to say hi and keep going! I shall be reading!

Claire x


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Back again :)
I am loving this app and an always surfing this on my iPod when I am bored to stop myself munching ...
I have plans for the low syn Turkish delights, ice cream and jelly sweets when I get a chance to dander to tesco

Hi Claire ! I'm glad to know that someone is reading this :) I like to have a wee read at other people's food diaries for ideas too... Kfc style chicken was so yummy! :)

Also I'm revising for 2nd year Uni exams - in studying psychology - ATM trying to learn a lot of drug stuff relating to schizophrenia and depression - there are a lot of big words :s
But I love it :) I am a big nerd :)

So onwards with today's munchies

B/L - boiled eggs with bacon and 2 slices White bread (9syns) although I didnt have any HEXB bread or cereal today to try counteract this...

D- Stir fry - noodles, lots of mushyroomies :) baby corn and bean pod thingys - dunno what they are called - with more bacon because I didn't realise that I had no chicken :(

Spaghetti hoops

S - mini caramel bar (4syns)

Total syns 13

Better day syn-wise but just noticed that I had no fruit and no HEXA today :(

Tomorrow I might go for a wee walk to tescos to get gelatin for my turkish delight - that will be an errand and exercise in one :)

Haven't had a chance to get onto the kinect or do much exercise in general since the last weigh in :s - have to get on that it I'll be putting that 3.5 pounds back on! Hopefully want to lose 2lb this week to have a whole stone off! Yay !

Got to do a lot of revision tomorrow as I didnt do any today :( hopefully still get to tescos - and stick to under 15 syns!! Don't know why I'm having such difficulty now - I was fine for the first four weeks only having like 6 a day.... Maybe because I know I can have a bit more I'm letting myself have more now... Want to try and keep it under 10 cause I dont do enough exercise yet I think to work off chocolate bars :)

Tomorrows another day....
Let's be having ye :)


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Sorry I missed a few days there... Just gonna continue on from today as I cba going back over the food for those days
Lazy I know :)

But I had my weigh in today
And I lost 1lb :)

Was a bit disappointed not to have lost 2lb as that would have been my stone off but I'm still pleased I got something off

I want to try really hard this week!
Want to get back to bigger losses because I know myself and I will be disappointed with 1lb a week and might stray from the diet...

I know what I half to do ...
Lower my syns
And exercise!!!

Anyway foodwise for today was bad as my bf and I went out for dinner

So starting anew tomorrow

Full of positive attitude !!! :) :) :)
Maybe lol

Til then
Leia x
Hi Leia

Well done on lb loss! I rarely lose more than 1lb week, I am a slow loser but all in the right direction hey!

Ohh psychology- I did psychology at A Level, I really enjoyed it and thought about doing it for uni, but thought it would be really hard! Ended up doing history. I still enjoy psychology thought, I did a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy last year as like a distance learning thing and I enjoyed that!

Won't waffle on but just dropping in to say keep going! Not long till Summer :)



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Claire - yeah I'm pleased it's a loss and not a gain !
Psychology wasn't an option for A level at my school - so pretty much went into it not knowing what to expect. It's quite statistics based and biological which has made a lot of people drop out. I love it though..... Except for the 5000 word lab report I need to write for next tues :(

Anyway onto food for toady

Quorn nuggets ( 5syns)
Meat free burger ( 0.5 syns)
Cheese ( HEXA)
White crusty bap 28g ( 3.5 syns)
Ketchup (2 syns)
Micro chips (3.5syns)

Total syns so far 14.5

No more syns for me today
That's my lot done.

Going for a walk around tescos later - not real exercise I know but I've been sitting on my bum all day at the laptop

Oh and I downloaded the update for this app which means I can now add pictures yay cause I have been taking pics of my meals to add anyway

I have added a pic of the meal for today

Maybe be on again later
Till then



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Hello fellow slimmers
Another day down

B/L - scrambled egg
Beans with sausages (3.5 syns)
Wholemeal bread (HEXb)
2 bananas
Brown sauce (1syn)

D - spaghetti
Cheese (HEXa)

S- freddo (5syns)

Total syns so far - 9.5 syns
Woo feel good about being under the limit of syns

But I will probably have another freddo or a milky bar because I have enough suns left - or maybe an ice-pop

Didnt get a chance to start my C25K today
Hopefully do it tomorrow
Dreading it as I know how unfit I am but I have signed up for the race for life at the end of may so I need to be a little bit better for then

Back to this lab report


Leia x

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Can't sleep and tried to resist but had a freddo

So total sins for today 14.5
Still under but not as good as earlier....

On a better note got over 1000 words written today
Not feeling as stressed about the lab report now
But still hyperventilating over exams! Sign language next week and psychology after that and have done no revision per se

Need to knuckle down

Just a little late night ranting from me....


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So been a lazy bum-face today
Have done no work and didn't get out for my C25K start

Here's my food for today

Alpen light bar (3syns)
Baby potatoes
Gravy (2syns)
Cheese bar (HEXA)
Mini milky bar (3syns)
Spaghetti hoops
1 slice wholemeal bread (HEXB)

Total syns 8

May treat myself to .... Only joking going to leave it at that today

Unless I can't sleep and get the
Munchies again....

Anyway heading into uni tomorrow to catch up with friends and do some revision
Might need those extra syns for then

My mum and I just sat and planned dinner for tomorrow and some SW desserts :) pavlova, cupcakes and spongecake SW styleeee

Will ofc let you know ( if anyones reading) how they turn out

L x

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Forgot to attach my pic for today
I'd already eaten my mushrooms before I remembered

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Also here are pictures of my attempt at KFC chicken SW style - yummmmmmmmy!!!!!

From a couple weeks ago
Made it since then
Yum yum yum

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