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my food diary

Morning all! Thought I would start a food diary for anyone to nosey at if they want!

Monday 3rd August

Breakfast - weetabix x2 2 pts, milk (the purple lid 1) lol 1pt and some raspberries 0.5 pts 3.5pts
Lunch - WW bread x2 1pt, 1 slice of ham 0.5pts, extra light mayo 0 pts, salad 0 pts 1.5pts
Dinner - morrisons eat smart sausages x 2 2pts, ragu pasta sauce 1pt, 150g cooked pasta 2pts, frozen mixed veg 0.5pts 5.5pts
WW rice pudding 1.5pts, raspberries 0.5pts 2pts
Snacks - fruit salad (2x satsumas 0.5 pts, strawberries 0.5 pts, a peach 0.5 pts) 1.5 pts, sf jelly 0 pts. Had a skinny latte while shopping 1.5pts? Having a snack a jack and a cuppa for my supper :) 1.5 pts so 17/18 points for today.

Exercise - The pedometer doesnt lie! lol Got a half hour walk to the dentist and the same back later on! x
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Tuesday 4th August

Breakfast - shape yoghurt 1pt, peach 0.5pts dried apricots x3 1pt 2.5pts
Lunch - soup 1.5pts, ham sandwhich with WW bread 1.5pts 3pts
Dinner - Birdseye healthy options chilli and wedges meal 4.5pts, frozen veg 0.5pts, 5pts
SF jelly 0 pts, strawberries 0.5pts
dried apricotsx3 1pt
Snacks - quavers 1.5pts
snack a jack and a coffee 1.5pts
ice gems 1.5pts

16.5/18 points for today.

Exercise: body combat class and body pump class at gym both an hour never done them before though! And of course pedy!
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Wednesday 5th August

Breakfast - weetabix x2, 2pts milk 1pt, strawberries 0.5pts 3.5pts
Lunch - cuppa soup 1, fruit salad - 2xsatsumas 0.5pts, strawberries 0.5pts, kiwi 0.5pts with loads of sf jelly. 2.5pts
Dinner - fish pie 5pts, veg 0 points
Snacks - light mousse 1pt, multipack strawberry cornetto 3.5pts, hot chocolate 1.5pts, 6pts

So 17/18 points for today.
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Thursday 6th August

Breakfast - weetabix x2, 2pts, milk 1pt, strawberries 0.5pts, kiwi 0.5pts. 4pts
Lunch - Well i thought i was going for a picnic but turned out to be a pub lunch :( although it was after a very long walk along the beach. I had a burger and chips prob the worst thing i could have! But clocked up 21,487 steps on the ped and away to a 45min aerobics class at the gym now. Oh and I had an apple when i got home to help balance it out 0.5pts lol
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Friday 7th August (i always find the weekends sooo much harder! Anyone else?) No going out plan though so hopefully no alcohol to point)

Breakfast - shape yoghurt 1pt, peach 0.5pts 1.5pts
Lunch - ham salad roll with a bit of coleslaw 5pts? and a cupcake 6pts? Guesstimating 11pts all in but maybe wishful thinking!
Dinner - 150g cooked pasta 2pts, pasta sauce 1pt loads of salad and veg 0pts, 3pts
Snacks - apple 0.5pts
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Saturday 8th August

Breakfast - 2xweetabix 2pts, milk 1pt, 3pts
Lunch - ham sandwhich on WW bread 2pts
Dinner - vegetable couscous 2pts, salad 0pts 2pts
Snacks - WW crisps 1pt, apple 0.5pts 3xdried apricots 1pt 2xsatsumas 0.5pts 3pts
drink - well it all went a bit to pot last night with drunken and TOTM munchies, although I lost track of points i could have been worse. Moving swiftly on! Got till Friday to balance it out :) x
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Sunday 9th August

Breakfast - WW toast x2 with LF spread 1.5pts and a cuppa 0.5pts, 2pts
Lunch - baked potato with prawns 11pts max?
Dinner - 2 egg omlette with a yolk taken out 1.5pts, veg 0 pts 1.5pts
Snacks - apple and a WW yoghurt 1pt, WW crisps 1pt, snack a jack 1pt 3pts

17.5/18pts today
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Monday 10th August

Breakfast - kiwi 0.5pt, apple 0.5pt, WW yoghurt 0.5pts 1.5pts
Lunch - cous cous 2pts, salad and veg 0pts, 2pts
Dinner - spaghetti on WW toast 3.5pts
Snacks - WW crisps, 1pt, 2x satsumas 0.5pts, 3x dried apricots 1pt, fruit salad 1pt, coffee and a snack a jack 1.5pts had another snack a jack, it looked lonely way down at the bottom of the bag! lol 1pt, WW flapjack 1pt, 7pts
Supper - 50g museli 2.5pts, 100ml 1% milk 1pt, 3.5pts

17.5/18 points today.
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Hey don't worry about Sat night, I'm the same as you, I was soo bad. Me and my partner ended up going out for dinner and got 3 course meal! Plus the two double voddies not to mention the quarter bottle I got on the way home! hee hee.

Sounds like you are doing good though, here's to a positive second week! :)

Kirsty xx
Tuesday 11th August

Breakfast - weetabix x2 with milk 3pts
Lunch - boiled egg 1.5pts WW toast and LF spread 1.5pts, cuppa 0.5pts, 3.5pts
Dinner - baked potato 3pts, chilli sauce 0.5pt, veg 0 pts, 3.5pts
Snacks - apple 0.5pts, 2x WW mini brownie bites 1pt, WW crisps 1pt, fab ice lolly 1.5pts, coffee 0.5pts, mallow snowball 1.5pts, WW toffee yoghurt 0.5pt, WW flapjack piece 0.5pts, 7pts

17/18 points today
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Hey, no probs! I know how you feel, I tried my best on Friday but by Saturday I couldn't help myself with the voddie! lol

I'm from Falkirk lol.

Kirsty xx
I know, it's great plus hardly any points if u have a single with diet juice! lol except when i'm in the house it's harder to point cos I just pour it in! lol I think I usually put too much in!

Yeah Fife not that far away!

Kirsty xx
Yeah definately and the more you have the bigger measures get! lol A whole bottle of wine is 7.5pts which isn't bad really if you top up with diet lemonade to make it last longer i'm partial to a wee vino or two also ;) lol
Yeah I read it was only 7.5 points. I was actually saying that to my bf last week I was going to start having wine spritzers with diet lemonade so that it lasts longer! How weird! lol. I wish I had thought of that idea on Sat night it must have slipped my mind!

Good idea, I think that's what I'm going to do next weekend..

Kirsty xx
Wednesday 12 August

Breakfast - 50g museli 2.5pts and milk 1pt, banana 1.5pts 5pts
Lunch - BNS chips and red pepper, 0 points
Dinner - noodles 3.5 pts, stir fry veg 0pts chili sauce 0.5pts, 4pts
Snacks - kiwi 0.5pts, WW brownie 1pt, cuppa 0.5pts, packet of chewits 2pts, jumbo snack a jack 1pt, about half a dozen jelly babies, 3pts? 8pts

17/18 points today

Exercise - hour long aerobics class and hour long body pump class 4APs?
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Thursday 13 August

Breakfast - 2x weetabix 2pts, milk 1pt, 3pts
Lunch - baked potato 3pts, WW soft cheese 1pt, veg 0pts, 4pts
Dinner - going out for dinner now oh no! Will try and be good, wish i ahd a lower point lunch now :(
Snacks - apple 0.5pts, light mousse 1pt, some jelly babies 3pts

11.5pts/18 so far

Exercise - done two hours at the gym this morning, about 600Kcal so roughly 5APs, calling on them today! x
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