My food diary


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I am a sahm of 4 little ones,age 5,4,3 ad 5 months!The weight has crept on slowly with each one,i wast tiny to begin with(a size 12-14)but i am now a size 18(just-i refuse to buy a 20)and feeling pretty rubbish about my body.

I also feel really tired and sluggish all the time,my two older boys are at the age where they want me to run around and chase them and have races and i just don't have the energy.

I have done slimming world before but didn't stick to it ad put the weight back on and more when i stopped(i did it before my wedding in 2010 and put most of the weight back o o my honeymoon!)

I am starting tomorrow,going along with another mum from the school,i think having a slimming buddy will be good for me and also a bit of fun!

I will be posting details and photos of my food as i love to cook and dot want being on a diet to mean i cant eat delicious tasty meals full of flavour.

I am going to my first meeting in the morning so will be weighed then(dreading it)so will keep you posted!
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