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My "Godmother" dress - what do you think????


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Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if you remember me but I am back after stopping CD at Christmas 07 when I got a cold. I stupidly didn't go through the steps and went straight back to old habits and now I am 12.9 again:cry:

I saw my new cdc last night and she is lovely and very thorough (she makes my old cdc look a bit useless to be honest but she was and probably still is a very nice person) I've got my shakes for the week and as of this morning I am back on SS.

My motivation for losing this time is the fact that a friend has just had a baby and both myself & hubby (to a lesser extent) are feeling broody - so I want to lose the weight to have a baby {if that makes any sense at all?} I just know that I don't want to fall pregnant at the weight I am now.

So wish me luck and I hope you all are doing fantastically. If anybody wants to join me you are all welcome - the more the merrier.:D

I am off to catch up on some threads and will keep you all informed on progress.

Take care
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Welcome back Lenny, motivation for having a baby is such a wonderful thing!
I really do hope u get there!
Good luck for today, u can do it!
I'm Lisa, mum of a 1 yr old, just had 1st weigh in, lost 11lbs and delighted.
Look forward to getting to kno u!!


Strong women stay slim
Welcome back Lenny ! yes I remember you , you know what you said there about lossing weight to try for a baby , you are so right to do that because i was over weight before i fell , and you get all sorts of problems , they say to allow 2 stone to put on , really you are doing the right thing ! So SS for today hope you fly by with it !
Hello and welcome back!

I'm Sarah and I have 2 kids - dd is 5 and ds is 2. I'm trying to shift all the pregnancy weight, been putting it off for too long! I'm on day 27 of my CD journey.

Good luck with yours! xx


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Wow Guys:D

I sneak off to do some work and look at all the lovely replies I received.

Lisa - 11lbs is amazing, you must be grinning like a cheshire cat today. Congratulations.:D By the way....gorgeous little boy in your signature.

Miel - thankyou for the warm welcome and good luck with your diet journey.:)

MsJMC - I remember you too - hello again so nice to see a familiar face welcoming me back.:p Good luck with your CD new start too.

Sarette - Hello and nice to meet you too. I am sure you will lose the pregnancy weight in no time on CD - Congratulations on getting to day 27:D

Dancing - thankyou for the warm welcome too, I've just been reading your diary...you have done fantastically well so far:D Long may it continue.

Cyprusbride - good luck with your CD journey.The first time really is the golden time. Once you get past the first few days I am sure the weight will fall off and you will look gorgeous in your wedding dress.

Right a little bit more about me:eek:

My name is actually Donna, I'm 33, I got married last May, I'm mum to a 3 year old border collie and I work as an office manager in a small engineering company in Oxford. Work sometimes stresses me but I love to watch dvd's and read, so I have plenty of places to escape when needed

I am also slightly addicted to Minimins:p

Hope everyone is having a good day, the sun is out in Oxford and I feel great.

One shake and 2 litres of water down so far.:D
Hi Lenny,
I've crept back this week too. Good luck witht he restart and with the babymaking!


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Don't Creep Jump


Don't creep jump back in, well love to have you...... and your not on your own....

We are here and you can do it..
Hello and welcome back:)

Making the decision to get back on the CD wagon must have been hard, but you are here now, and you WILL succeed - think positive:D

I'm another one trying to lose the post baby weight, only in my case it's the weight from 3 pregnancies in relatively quick succession - my rugrats are 5, 3 and 1:eek:


Strong women stay slim
Hello Donna , thanks for the reply , hoping you do well girl !


MUST get a grip
Double exciting - not only for you to shed a few pounds but a baby.... whoopwooooo!
Mine arent actually babies at all (well they are to me) mine are 11 and 9 now - I'd love another - oh and a man to help make it would be gr8 as well :D:cool::D:cool:....
Seriously, well done for getting back into SS & good luck with the baby making xxxxxxxxx
Welcome back and what great motivation for you. Good luck hun and let us know how you're doing.

Hello to all you lovely ladies (& any gents out there).

My work is really interferring with my minis time! This is the first chance I have had to get on and post today and its already 12.30pm.

So I'm on my 2nd day and all is going well. I have a foul taste in my mouth already so I will test for the K fairy when I get home. I hope that explains why I am so cold today too (or it could be the weather is getting worse again) The sun was out earlier but it has disappeared now :sigh:.

I've had one shake so far and 1.1/2 litres.

I went to my exercise class last nite and managed that with just a slight adjustment to speed of things:p

My car is being serviced today and they phoned me earlier to say they wanted £389.00 for a new anti-roll bar:eek: Luckily my hubby told them to go away and he will make new bushes for the existing one. Bless the engineer in him.

Hope you are all going okay today and good luck for any wi's.

Don't creep jump back in, well love to have you...... and your not on your own....

We are here and you can do it..
I have leapt back in with both feet Chitty - thanks for the welcome and your kind support.

I love this site -everyone is so friendly and understanding:D

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