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My GP didn't recognise me!!


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Just been to my GP, who I last saw when I got my LL form completed (late Feb). She totally didn't recognise me, and when she finally worked out who I was, was SO complimentary and interested in LL, and says she is going to talk to some of her other patients about it! She really was so positive, and totally supported the whole CBT and TA part of it - it was fab. Oh, and she said my blood pressure had dropped and I am now only (according to her scales) 4lbs away from my ideal weight :) She couldn't belive I weighed well over 17 stone last time I saw her :D
Sorry that's all a bit "me me me", but I can't tell you how great I am feeling right now, and I am so pleased to have such a "modern" GP who is so supportive of the programme :)
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Well done Lucy. There should be more GPs like her and more financial support for those who cannot afford to do such a programme. Well done to you and you look absolutely fab. You should shout about your achievements and be proud of yourself. It is hard work and you did it!!
how good is that!
nice to hear shes interested too
daisy x


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Uber Cool post - Congratulations Lucy.

That's one GP converted, just 12,000 to go :)


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That's fab! I need to go and see mine at some point I reckon and am wondering what his reaction will be.

Well done you- I think a 'me me me' post is perfectly appropriate!
Thanks Snorks - just saw your stats - 73lbs in 14 weeks?!! :eek: :eek: That is absolutely amazing - a million congratulations! x

Thanks my dear, I don't quite beleive it I must say but that's what the scales say! I've got WI tonight too.


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Great GP! What a rush of good emotions that must have been!

I haven't been back to my GP since she signed the form in December. Maybe I'll get a similar response! Waiting to be a healthy BMI first so a couple of months or so yet. Will have to think of an excuse to book an appointment though....



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Fab stuff Lucy! Great for the NHS budget if the GP's can get on the bandwagon really!! Me, me, me away!!!!

PS Anyone know what happened to Poppysparkle and her GP extravaganza of the life size cut out before and after and talk??? Poppy.....?


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Hee Hee - I love it!

My doctor is also very supportive - unlike that of my cousin who has refused to give treatment whilst he is on the diet! I think that is rather breaking his duty of care ...
what a great feeling that must have been Lucy!! Don;t worry about me-me-me! You should be shouting your good news from the rooftops!! You deserve it - you have worked hard at this and deserve all the glory!

Well done MRs!!!!! I am really happy for you! :D :D :D :D :D


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Well done Lucy, you must be chuffed, and pleased to have done so well, and like BL says shout it from the roof tops, put an advert in the local paper, you done good.

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