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My GP joined CD on Wednesday!

As i said last week i went to my GP for a check up and to check my blood pressure and urine was fine. Afrer he examined me he was very, very pleased with my examination and asked how i was loosing weight....so i told him about this fantasic diet called cambridge diet and how it works etc.....

Well i could not beleive my eyes on wednesday when i went for my weight in to see him stood there getting foodpacks for the week.....he said i had inspired him to try it!....me inspiring a GP, wow!

I thought i would share this with everyone as i know some people are very negative about CD, but this shows that even GP's know a good diet when they see one!:)
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What an endorsement! Great story for others to tell all those other GPs that are less open minded!


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Wow thats great :)
Talking about the doctor bit, and your tests, do you need to see your gp to get checked out evey now and then? im on day 2, and so far feels great, just woke up with a very dry mouth this morning lol
I have not as yet seen my gp, so is it best to have regular checks?
I had read a post about a girl whos blood pressure had gone up since being on CD, and as i used to suffer with high blood pressure i though i would just go for a check up with my GP. Whilst i was there he also checked my urine for diabeties and infections etc.... he also made me do some twisting (i dont know why).

Im pleased i went to see him as its also on my medical record now, you never know if something was to happen to me (sorry to be morbid) but i wouldnt want anybody blaming CD!


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Wow thats amazing!!! There are so many people out there who knock these kind of diets but to here a gp doing it is really fab......
Thanks for sharing hon, and well done you, your doing great x
That's excellent-and it will help too because he'll now recommend CD to patients who come in to ask about losing weight :)
My sister is a medical director and she thinks this is a great diet for me; she phones me almost every day, encouraging me all the way. She's obsessed with health and thinks this is great- totally understands about taking the food choices away etc. She does not even have a weight problem.
How good is that --- see now you know for sure that you're an inspiration - well done :)
my CDC has a gp in her group! Must be good!


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i heard that there's a CDC somewhere round here who is a GP.. I don't know why I found that reassuring, because a) I have read the medical research and literature behind VLCDs and I trust it already, and b) I dont generally expect that GPs always have! Haha! - no offence to any GPs out there! :p

..this sounds daft, but I'm looking forward to the next time I need to see my GP! Haha! .. ok, ok, maybe not whatever the reason will be... but the weight I'll be.. and that going on the record'll be fab! :D



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That's so great, I love that someone with so much medical knowledge is giving CD a go, it's something to say to all of those non-believers. Well done for inspiring him.
Hey Guys,

Thats really great and reassuring to many people. Dont forget though Doctors are only human and cant resist a good thing when they see it.

I am actually training to be a Doctor now. My friends (also trainees) were a bit dubious when I told them at first but they are seeing how well I am doing and how it will benefit my health in the long term. They are so supportive now! Hopefully im breeding a group of CD positive Doctors.lol!

Its a shame so many GP's are set in there ways. I hate going to my GP's they always tell me in overweight but never offer me any advice or support. xx

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