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My (in)Sanity Diet Diary!

Well hello!

What can I say? I've struggled with diets and my weight for as long as I can remember. I've tried CWP, WW, SF, Atkins... still end up balooning back. Haven't and not going to weight myself until I start this diet but I would guess I'm around 16st right now. If you could add up all the weight I've ever lost dieting in the past it would probably add up to around 16 stone!! Classic yo-yo!

So these past few weeks I decided to jack in the idea of diets completely. Can't stick to them so why bother trying hey! But really started to notice my health and fitness declining, and at morbidly obsese at the age of 25... not really good is it?

I spoke to my husband about starting CWP again and he just said no.. don't bother, you'll just get moody rah rah rah. So we came to a compromise. If I can stick to SF for 2 weeks straight, then I can go back on CWP.

But today I came across Slim & Save. I've decided this is the one for me. With all the choice and the mini-meals etc I'm feeling really positive. I've just ordered my sample packs.

So the plan is to start Slim Fast from tomorrow, wait for my S&S starter packs, trial these and if all good start officially ASAP. I'n nervous and excited. I know how hard it's going to be but I feel more focused on the end result than ever.

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Goodluck! I've just restarted WW today as its the only one in past I've ever managed to stick to for any length of time! Will be interested to know how you find slim and save as looked into it myself but wasn't sure!
I've just restarted WW today as its the only one in past I've ever managed to stick to for any length of time!
WW has been my most sucessful to date too and I think I'll be jumping back on it if I don't stick to S&S. My problem with WW is the food taunts me, I can't just have a little! So wondering if trying something like S&S and completely moving away from food may be a good thing for a while.

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
I'm starting tomorrow too :)

Good luck!!! X
So I weighed myself this morning - 16 stone! So i've 6 stone to drop to get to goal - target set! Officially the heaviest I've ever been I believe.

So I'm Slim Fast-ing to get myself started so when I do go to 100% Slim and Save VLCD it's not too much of a shock. Stuck to the Slim Fast 100% today but will not lie I am feeling very hungry right now! A small reminder that this is going to be a tough process, I fear it may be a long week! I'm still convinced it's worth it right now though, so it's all good.

Got an e-mail from Slim and Save today saying that my sample packs are on their way, looking forward to trying them all and sussing out whats good and whats not so good :) Most of all I'm looking forward to the scales going backwards and not forwards for once. It's about time.

Also soooooo excited to read that you can have Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero on Slim and Save. Simple things hey! I'll be bulk buying that ASAP!

So here is to another sucessful day tomorrow. Let's hope the hunger disapears soon!!
Hi, yeah I can totally understand where you're coming from hence I'm interested in how you find S&S.... I've often thought about doing it.

Goodluck to you too! x

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