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My journey on Exante

Day 1- Well my first day that i follow the exante plan, i woke up in morning not feeling hungry so i decided to hang of on having my first replacement meal. I had a coffee and as soon as i finished it i could feel the hunger pangs start so i opted for the chocolate shake, it tasted ok but didnt supress my hunger. For lunch i had the chocolate orange bar which i thought tasted ok, and then for dinner i had the veg soup which was lovely, inbetween all this i was ravenous!! I felt like i had no energy (not good when you have two kids) I was shaky aswell. I drank about 3.5 litres of water but wasnt sure if this was too much or too little! When it got to about 6pm i was so hungry i ended up having a tin of drained tuna with salt and pepper which really helped and i didnt feel hungry again, its not what i want to do tho as i am trying to do the total plan. All i can say is tommorrow is a new day and roll on ketosis!!:eek:

Week 1 -
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Hi and welcome :) Don't worry if you have to have the odd bit of protein to get you through the first week. Whatever you have to do to keep on plan is worth it. Be strong, the first week is the hardest..... it's not easy but it does get easier and the results are soooo worth it!
Thanks :) I really hope i manage this, im setting myself mini goals but all i seem to do is think about food! This is day for me and i have a headache, could this be to do with the plan?


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Yes, a lot of people have headaches............carb withdrawal I think. It does pass........the first week is definitely the worst so if you can get past that then you'll be rockin'! Check out some diaries for inspiration.. they have all the ups and downs you could ever encounter with this diet and it's good to know that others have been through the same thing and come through it. Good luck and if you have any questions, just ask.... :)
Yeah i have had a wee look everyone seems to have done great, i cant wait to start seeing the results. I have a holiday booked for july so im hoping to have a wee bit off for then, i roughly have 4 stone in total to lose though. Thanks for the support. :)
Hi Chaz i joined the same day as you..
I'm on day 4 though as i only found this site after a started..
Solid advice from Namaste
I was having a huge wobble last night ,found this site and read some of the diary entrys and it put me straight back on track.
And i have woken up today feeling much more positive and unbelievably I AM NOT HUNGRY!!! lol
Good luck hun i will follow your diary to see how your doing
Aw great, at least i can ask u what to expect in a couple of days lol. Im actually not too bad today, although i have a bit of a headache, but then it is only mid day!! I had tuna yest evening as i was so hungry but im really goin to try tonight just to stick to my meal packs. Do you use the keostix, i have some ordered. Good luck to you aswell :)
Hi Chaz, I got energy on Day 4 too! I was lucky to avoid the headaches but my life is definately not as hectic as yours - no kids and no work so feeling pretty good! Oh my word was I hungry for the first 3 days though!
I have started to eek out my lunch time bars - at lunch I have bouillon soup (heaped tsp bouillon powder with hot water) and half my bar - the other half I cut into teeny tiny pieces and nibble on the them for the rest of the afternoon - it gets me through the dreaded 4-6pm timeslot! Then the really tasty soup for supper...

you'll get through this first bit!
Thanks jojo! 4-6 was the hardest time for me yest aswell! I was really hungry, then i gave in and had the tuna lol, could have been worse though i suppose. I really dont feel quite so bad today, cant wait till i go into ketosis and get this burst of energy that everyone seems to get though and hopefully my headache goes away! I might try that with the boullion tomorrow :)
Hiya..havent got the ketostix cos it never dawned on me lol..
mind you lack of hunger and the breath of a camels a**e are a pretty good indicator that i might have been lucky to get into it on day 4..
I do wonder how all the busy mums with families manage to cope with the TS...
My 2 boys are 21 and 18 and left home and my partner works strange hours so i rarely have to cook...
Think it must be very very hard to have to do the domestic duties,hold down a job and have the resolve to do TS lol...xx


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Welcome and good luck

Day 2- Slept great and woke up feeling even better knowing I hadnt stuffed my face on Thursday, could get used to this feeling :) Had my usual morning black coffee then had a strawberry shake, they are ok but i would defo say the shakes are my least fave part of this diet. Managed to keep away from scoffing my lunch til 2.45 today which is quite late for me, I had a bar which i really enjoyed then for tea I had tomato soup, not as tasty as the veg one. I think im drinking enough water but I had a really bad headache and it didnt seem to lift, im assured by other members that this is quite normal. Went a little shopping trip to asda in the evening for easter eggs and felt overwhelmed by all the food and by the time I got home at 8ish i felt really hungry but didnt want to do what i did on the 1st night and have the tuna so i opted for bouillon, it was tasty but why did i feel guilty again??? I would just like to say that the support on this site is great, im not new to dieting as i have followed weight watchers on and off for 5 years but i am a first timer on this sort of plan and i really think it would be so much harder without the support (and the knowledge) of everyone on here, so thanks. Here we go for day 3.......:)


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Absolutely..... its the support on here that keeps us going ~ especially if you have a blip or need advice! Its lovely to know there's always someone else who's been there :)

Well done on avoiding the food.... always a toughie x
Hurray for you! I firmly believe every day is a little battle won! On the shake front, I was really underwhelmed by them until I started making them like a smoothie... I put the water, powder and 4 ice-cubes in a blender, blend until really fluffy looking (especially the vanilla) and drink feeling smug that you are the only one with a proper milk-shake at breakfast!
A little update on day 3- i have had the most horrible taste in my mouth all afternoon so thought I would get the ketostix out and its purple :) I have had such an easy day (so far) i hope that thats the ketosis having the affect i want on my hunger pains!! :)
Day 3- so much easier than the 1st 2 days, had the vanilla shake with a little coffee in it, a bar and the mushroom soup, i thought they were all quite nice. I didnt have a headache or feel overly hungry all day...great!! Woke up this morning on day 4 though with a mega sore head and starving, feel like i have taken a step back!! :(


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Day 3- so much easier than the 1st 2 days, had the vanilla shake with a little coffee in it, a bar and the mushroom soup, i thought they were all quite nice. I didnt have a headache or feel overly hungry all day...great!! Woke up this morning on day 4 though with a mega sore head and starving, feel like i have taken a step back!! :(
Hang in there!! For me, personally, days 4 & 5 are the toughest - so it's quite normal that you're feeling a bit ropey

Drink lots of water, take some pain killers for the head and keep yourself busy

You can do this

Thanks, im not going to give up, but day 1 and 2 were so hard i dont think i could manage another day like that. I feel sick aswell, not good. I have just ate a bar with a pint of water and pain killers so hopefully i will feel a bit better after that x

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