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My Journey to find "me" again.

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Katierose, 13 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Well I have tried so hard to lose my weight and here I am again heading back to 20 stone.. I had very good results with a VLCD and have a cuboard full of Slim & Save products, I started with good intentions the 1st of January and then blew it, Calorie counting and adding treats in just does not work for me :(, I'm an "all or nothing " person . I really want to do this and will appreciate any support x So Day one for me, Am at work but will write more later
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  3. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Hey hun welcome to the forum :)...i started off as a all or nothing kinda person on this diet bt then i found if i mixed the simplicity n lifestyle here n there then i am most likely to stick to the plan :) and so logn as i know the protein meal im aving is healthy s'all gd hehe...js hopin scales n inch loss work in me favour too...gd luck on day 1 wil b following :) xx
  4. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Hi priPri :), Thank you for your support, I think I will read and subscribe to lots of diaries as it will help me so much x
  5. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Hi KatieRose it's so hard isn't it, I think most of us consider ourselves 'all or nothing' and when it goes a bit wrong it all goes out the window!! We really must be kinder to ourselves and forgive the odd blip that we are bound to have and then just soldier on

    Good luck on day one!
  6. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Good luck. Hope it goes well for you. It is nice and supportive on here just now.
  7. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Thank you ladies x I really find the support here so much help . I tend not to comment when I'm not doing well, I'm determined tho to stick with it this time. My weight stops me from doing lots of things I feel I have become a bit of a hermit and I avoid going out as I don't like my expanding clothes. I tried a VLCD 3 years ago and lost 3 stone in 3 months and then I kidded myself I looked ok so I stopped and since then put the 3 stone back on and just recently I could feel that I was going out of control more and more . My downfall has always been wine and then all the food I eat with it so I decided today enough was enough and I started this diary as I started to read some if the success stories and it gave me hope . So Day one done I'm pleased to say :) x
  8. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Day Two :- am having a few wobbly moments so am reading as many diaries as possible to keep me on track and drinking water :) . For the first time ever last night I took some before photos in my underwear what a shock ! I have been in denial avoiding mirrors convincing myself because I put my make up on I look ok I never look at my full length profile as I don't recognise myself so hopefully this time I won't hide from the facts ! I look awful really overweight ( I am obviously) I'm being honest on here and will confess to thinking I look no bigger Than a size 16 who was I kidding ? Myself .. :-( anyway am getting thro day 2 and thank you to the ladies who have posted on my diary really helps x x
  9. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    I definitely did the denial thing too. One particularly stretchy dress had a lot to answer for. Annoyingly it works the other way too - only just starting to recognise the difference. I know the clothes are smaller but look in the mirror and don't feel very different.

    Won't be long before you get that lovely feeling of calm and the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing it. Keep reading to keep the wobbles at bay!!
  10. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Hey Hun! Welcome back and good luck xx

    Sent from my Galaxy S4
  11. Tara27

    Tara27 Full Member

    Hi Katie!
    Found u to subscribe.
    We're all going to succeed this time, we've decided. So ur in the right place :)
    Well done on ur 3 stone loss last time! That's what I like to hear, that all this hard work does result in FAB results. I would love to lose that amount before my wedding.
    Coming on here defo helps when ur having a wobble. I often forget I'm not alone!
    Best of luck, T x

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  12. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Day 3 ; Think head is saying "eat eat" today I will not give in to it.. Am drinking my water , I am just doing this day by day I will not give in.. (This is what I keep repeating to myself)
    Hi Jo x good to see you, Hi Tara x:) Thank you for your kind words, and thank you Clinquant for your kind words of support x
    I will really try and keep writing in this diary as when I stop, I seem to go off the rails so to speak .
    And will go and read more inspirational diaries :)
  13. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Yaaay wooop woop ur gna b in keto land soon :) keep it up hun xx
  14. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Day 4:- woo got through day 3 that was a tough one ! Don't feel as hungry today . At the moment I'm having 4 packs and veg altho I am going to vary and will have a protein meal at the weekends as that way it will seem like a treat .
    Thank u Piri for your kind words x x
    I think the weekends will be tougher as I find I'm very disciplined whilst at work .
    Its really helping coming on here and the support is really good x x thank you :)
  15. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Yay hun ur prbz in ketosis if ur nt feelin hungry :) weekends i find if u wake up tad late then the day dnt seem tht long n the packs seem to last u longer hehe xx
  16. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    I find weekends harder too although saying that i'm at home today and not wobbling at all :) once you're in the zone there's no stopping you!!
  17. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Hurrah for the zone. I much prefer weekends as I can sort out my own routine and find it easier to distract myself with stuff I want to do. Plan something nice to do now.
  18. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Day 5:- think I am in the zone as I don't feel hungry which is good however I had a porridge oatmeal pack I used to love them and I didnt really like it today :-( . I have quite a few too does anyone know how to make the cookies?
    Thank you to Pri x Lou x and clin x I will try having my packs later and I am planning on keeping myself busy . :)
    So am not dreading the weekend now :)
  19. SeeLuLu

    SeeLuLu Full Member

    You've done the first few - hardest - days! Brilliant!

    I am am finding this weekend a hard prospect mentally. I have no idea why I am feeling like this when other weekends have been fine! I wonder if it's just the change unsettles us after getting into a groove all week?
  20. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Day 7 :- yesterday was hard but I did it .. Had protein instead of a pack for one of the meals and will be doing the same today . Have been reading as many diaries as I can to give me tips and I feel determined :) I tend to be a slower loser but that's ok I just have to keep going I tend to give up after a few weeks not this time tho .
    Hi to lulu hope you got through yesterday x
  21. slim_and_happy

    slim_and_happy Silver Member

    Welcome and let me tell you. We have so much in common. I'm also very much all or nothing person which is why this diet works for me like no other.
    This forum is a complete life saver. We are all here for each other to support not judge, encourage not criticise.
    Good luck on your journey!

    M x

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