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My journey

Hi all!

I am new to MiniMins. :)

I hope it is ok for me to start a journal here? I am calorie counting and so far I have gone from 179 to 168 so I'm pretty happy with that. :)

I'm only little (in height) so I'd like to get down quite far, perhaps 110. I remember when I was nice and slim and healthy looking before and being able to fit into the clothes I wanted and felt like I looked really nice. I remember a particular long summery dress, well I actually have it in a bag somewhere here in my room! I can't wait to get back there but I know I shouldn't be in any huge rush .(though to be truthful that's hard to convince myself of sometimes)

Seeing as today has been a big mish-mash of going places and food, etc, I'll start tomorrow.

I'm also trying to get fit. I think I'm going to buy some more fitness DVDs while I'm out tomorrow. I love going on walks too and playing badminton in the garden so hopefully some more summer days.

So yep, I'll start posting my food and exercise tomorrow. Eek.
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Weight this morning - 169.8. So up a bit but I'm not surprised as I've binged quite a bit recently. Going to do a bit of exercise before I go out and try my best to be healthy today.
welcome to minimins hun, goodluck with your journey and well done on the weight that you've already lost.

Aw, thank you both for your warm welcome.

I'm gonna (religiously but roughly!) list my day:

Taste of smoothie: 50
Vannila Latte: 200
Jacket potato, cheese and salad: 500
Pineapple smoothie: 140
Pasta in tomato sauce: 300
With two glamorgan sausages: 200

1390 assuming my maths is correct. (took me a long time to add up)

Activity: done a lot of walking round town and about an hour of my new dance workout DVD. It was a killer!

I'm feeling pretty stuffed now (big tea) but pleased with the exercise side of things.
Thanks! It is called Pump It Up: Aeroburn and there's another one called Pump It Up: Beach body.

I quite like it so far. My sister commented I looked purple afterwards lol. :p

I find it tricky learning the steps. Have you got a particular favourite?


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Well the DVD player in the lounge is broken, so I had been doing them in my room but I feel I can't move as much as I would like to and it makes lots of noise on the floorboards!

Hopefully getting a new DVD player set up tonight and so I will be back on those.

I have the Vicky Binns one which I have only done about half of because of the above problem.
I have the HollyoaksDance workout which is awful - no dancing whatsoever really!!
The Jade Goody dance workouts were awful too and I have now sold those.

I use the Wii quite a lot on Just Dance, which is also a good workout, and I have been trying to make it more difficult for myself by also adding squats etc where I would be not doing anything with my legs.
Ah right. I'll make a note of the ones that are not so good.

And, yep, I have that problem when I do them in my bedroom. Soo much noise! Haven't got a wii unfortunately but they do sound good.
Lucysmommy - thank you, I looked at that one but wasn't sure if I'd be able to do it!

Well today I weighed in at 168.4 which I'm happy with! (I know daily weights aren't all that accurate but it helps me stay on track)

Saw some old, old friends out in town and felt awful. In the nice weather, I wasn't wearing my usual cover-up clothes and felt very down about them seeing my size. Oh well.


size 14 here I come
Hi littleone, good look! I cant wait to wear long floaty summer dresses ahh I can dream, hopefully next summer! :D x
Oh absolutely! (and good luck to you too!) I adore clothes and would love to be able to wear so much stuff. It's lovely weather today but I don't like showing my arms...


Branflakes with milk - 150
Chicken, potato wedges, ketchup - 500
Fruit salad - 80
Veggie sausage, wrap, salad - 400
Big bowl of muesli - 300

Total - 1430


45 minutes fitness DVDs, lots of walking.
Well, I may as well admit to the bad bits as well as the good ones...

Last night:

2 slices ham - 80
1 bread roll - 150


Veggie soup - 140
Quorn sausage sandwich - 300
Olive, tomato, chilli and pepper tortellini with tomato sauce - 450
Big bowl muesli - 300
2 slices cheese and ham on toast - 500 (oh dear)

So 1920. Ugh. Need to do a lot better tomorrow. Pity the fridge is full. :(

But did do about 45 minutes DVDs and some walking.
Weighed in at 168.8 so a little upwards but it's not so bad. Everywhere in the house there is food and more food so I'm finding it difficult deciding what to eat...
Hi littleone,

welcome! this weight loss thingy is so hard but with careful planning and a little thinking , u can do it! i find that to help me stick to my 1200-1400 cals per day, i look at what im going to eat and see if i can find a lower cal alternative to help my calories go further. i fill up on fruit and veg and drink plenty of water too, not to feel full but to allow my body to function properly without it having to worry about dehydration, especially in the warmer weather and increased exercise.
just a little advice from me to help u on your journey as it helpes me.

good luck!

aw good luck with your cals today, im glad it helped xx
Thanks. :)

Strawberry and banana smoothie - 140
Chilli and lime chicken breast - 160
5 bean, quorn and bulghur wheat chilli- 400
Chicken, salad and salsa wrap - 500
Bowl muesli - 200

So that's 1400. Just about got in the range I aimed for.
Exercise - 45 mins walking, 1 hour hockey, 40 mins dancing.

Fingers crossed for the scales tomorrow.


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