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my leader is good


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i sent her a text to say that i wasnt happy about coming tonight. been completely off plan for 5 of the days and feel like a complete failure. but she has told me to come along, not to give up and has asked me to sit in with her newbies, which i think i will do.
fingers crossed that the gain isnt too bad this evening.
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Mrs V

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Dont worry if it is Huni, at least you are facing the scales and can sort out what ever the reading tells you.

Good luck!

Don't be too hard on yourself things may not be as bad as you think. It's good you have found a nice leader. Mine takes days to get back to me and sometimes never picks the phone up at all. She is nice in class though.
The fact that you text your leader shows that you want to get back on track. Go along to class.... see wot the results are and get back on track.

Thats what this is all about - learning as we go.... cant be perfct all the time but you have all the support you need to get there.



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I agree - go to class....if you don't 5 days off plan will turn into 10 then 20 and before you know it you'll be back to square one again - chalk the 5 days up to experience - put it behind you and get back on with it - you joined in the first place for a reason - I assume the reason is still the same??? Don't give up.....
Well done you for texting your consultant, thats what this is all about, working through the tough times. We can all feel brilliant when its going smoothly but when we have had a wobble that is exactly the time we need the guidence and support. It's no good burying the head in the sand and hoping it goes away cos untill we face up to the fact we wobbled and I think more importantly work out why, we learn nothing. You go to class tonight hun, talk things through and come away with renewed determination and focus. The past is behind you, carry on from this point with a clean slate and don't be hard on yourself. Your special and you should treat yourself as someone special with a bit of TLC. Good luck for tonight and don't worry. XXXXXX


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It takes time to get your head round this plan, and when you're struggling then that's the time you need to go to class and get the support you need. Well done for deciding to go! In a few weeks you will be looking at your weight going down and be glad you did!

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