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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by emzski, 30 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. emzski

    emzski Full Member

    Hey everyone

    Well I had my first meeting last night, it was really great. We have a lovely group of ladies so I am feeling positive. I'm taking everything said at the meetings on board, these are gonna be the key to keep me going!

    Its so strange to wake up and think oh thats it I cant have my OJ in the morning or my bacon sandwich, its not that i want it its just adjusting.

    So I think if i can get through today ill be fine, i got a mums and toddlers meeting and they do LOADS of sandwiches and home baking. I don't think ill be tempted though I have a much better choice and that's to get thin WOO I AM GONNA BE THIN!!:D
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  3. Polly740

    Polly740 Full Member

    Good luck Emz, hope it goes well for you today. Just remember to keep some water with you ;) !

    Keep us updated on your progress :D

  4. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    All the very best Emzski...I'm sure you will do fine :D
  5. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Congratulations Emszki!!! Can't wait to watch your progress!!! You have been so patient, so I am really glad your start is finally here!!!

    You have a good attitude - that will serve you will!!!

    Fasten your seatbelt - and ENJOY the ride!!! :D :D

    Good luck hon!!

  6. RaeB

    RaeB Full Member

    Good luck Emzski, one day at a time and you'll be at goal in no time.
  7. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    Goodluck emski, you will be fine;)
  8. emzski

    emzski Full Member

    Thanks everyone!!

    I went to the toddler group and sat surrounded by cakes, sandwiches and crisps and really wasn't to fussed. One girl said why are you not eating? i just said I had a sandwich and that I was being good, she told me you cant be good at toddlers! I just smiled and said watch me!! Feel good. Im gonna do some housework then try a soup!

    Thanks guys so glad of all the support x
  9. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    Well done emzki...U did very well there!
    You should be so proud of yourself
  10. karmawitch

    karmawitch Full Member

    Well done and good luck on your lighter life journey !
  11. Brummygirl

    Brummygirl Full Member

    Good luck on your journey, look forward to reading your progress. Here's to a new you :girlpower:
  12. Kaalin

    Kaalin Full Member

    Good luck with your journey, it is an amazing one and every day gets easier!!!! I'll be watching that ticker go down xxx
  13. JanBow

    JanBow Full Member

    All the best with LL and well done for getting through your first test.
  14. opal-mai

    opal-mai Full Member

    good luck... im on day 7 first weigh in tonight! Its not too bad hun and we'll be slim jims in no time!!!
  15. Mollysmum

    Mollysmum Full Member

    Good luck!!!
  16. emzski

    emzski Full Member

    Thanks everyone.

    I got thru my first day WOOP!!

    It was actually not too bad, I hated the rasp shake and also this morning decided I also hate the strawberry one! Anyway I managed to get thru the whole day, I had the worst head ache form about 4pm until 7pm I took so ibuprofen but it didn't help too much, still I got through it and i have managed to drink plenty of water!!

    I am so determined to get thru this week, every time I get a thought about having a cheat i just push it out of my head. Tonight when the boys and my OH are having dinner I think i might go out for a walk just to take myself away from the situation.

    Anyway off to try a veg soup!
  17. annaphylactic

    annaphylactic Guess who's back...?

    Well done Emz! You're doing wickedly (if that is a word!)... yeah, I didn't like some of the shakes at the beginning... and the chicken soup almost made me retch on the first day - but it's weird how your tastebuds change - so try the rasp and straw again in a couple of weeks and you may feel differently....

    A few ladies in my group HATED the chicken one - and I think this is pretty common... if you are the same, I found it was far better when it was made thinner - tasted more like stock rather than powdery and heavy... and LOADS of black pepper helps.

    Good luck getting through the first week - it may be up and down, but my god, it gets soooo much better :eek:) I'm in week 6 and almost bouncing off the walls all the time!!!

    Anna x
  18. emzski

    emzski Full Member

    I have 2 more rasp and two more straw to get thru eeekkk I just dont like them, i've never liked milkshake or anything like that I was near sick with the strawberrry one but im just going to plow on!

    I like the chicken, mushroom, veg and hot chocolate so its not like there is nothing I like. im sure ill get a a little menu of what I like sorted out! Ive just done a massive clean up, trying to make my bedroom look like a chill out space and have got some lovely bubble bath and candles for tonight. So looking fwd to chilling out with that.
  19. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    I did not like all the soups, but black pepper and tabasco sorted that out now i love it,, mmm thai chilly wonderful..think ill have that tonight.
    Welldone emzki, you are doing good, keep plodding on day by day and when u feel the urge to cheat, find something to do or come on here and type, type, type like i
    Last week and the weekend i didnt not think it was going to get any easier at all, but i can honestly say and agree with all the girlys that it does get easier, all im looking forward to now is the weight to start vanishing, i keep looking , my clothes are not getting, but hopefully they will soon in the next few weeks, and you will be saying the same to other new this space, lmao
  20. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Hi - the Strawberry and Raspberry are nice when mixed either one, half and hlaf with chocolate. Like a choccy covered strawberry. :) Best when bended with loads of ice, like ice cream. Yum yum!

  21. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    I was just thinking this afternoon how I am really not minding the taste of the bars anymore. I guess your tastebuds must just give up on you!!!

    B x

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