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My lipotrim adventure

frillsandpink said:
Hi skinnyminny2b, how are you getting on? I start tomorrow so would love to know how you are feeling x
Morning : )

Its day 4 today and i feel pretty good. I was struggling to have 3 shakes a day as i was full off two but i had my first one as soon as i got up this morning to see if that helps!!

Have you started now and how are you getting on x
hiya....well, well done for getting to day 4. I have read that those are the hardest days so good for you!! Have you felt the ketosis kick yet?? Have you sneaked on the scales??
I got weighed about an hour ago and picked up my shakes. I am 11st11 and am 5ft4. I couldnt last all day without eating so am starting tomorrow because I had to have breakfast and lunch. Am looking forward to it....but really nervous too xx
Tbh i think i was in ketosis by day two this time. Im trying to be strong and keep off the scales : ) so far ive resisted.

Good luck for tomorrow. Keep drinking water and you should be fine. Youll be at your target weight in no time x
Well done im on day 4 also but was not as strong i went on the scales lol but i agree with you i reckon i was in ketosis on day 2 as well and water is the key
Well thats day 4 done and dusted!!! Had a slight wobble when the other half had a fish finger butty and my steely resolve nearly broke! i quickly leashed up the dog and went for a brisk walk round the lake. Temptation avoided!!! Still only had two shakes but im going to try and gulp the last one down before bed. (bedtime is about 8 as im up at 4). Bring on day 5 x
fairplay on not giving in and making it to day 5
How are you getting on today skinnyminny? Are you managing to get the three shakes down ok now? Hope you are feeling as strong and motivated as you have been over the last few days.....x
Im doing good thanks. I managed to have one at work today so im on target for three. I even managed to go to the pub with everyone on lunch and happily sit there with just a bottle of water : ) how is your first day going? X


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good luck skinny minny, what day are you on? when is your first weigh in???
well done on the pub business....im dreading that scenario. I think I cant have a good or nice time without having booze in the pub...so sad but its how I feel. Today has gone ok for me, just hope the rest are as good. Stay strong x
Well i have reached day 7 and my first weighin is today after work. Tbh im debating whether to continue. Ive been 100% so know ill have a decent loss but im feeling a bit pooey. Im really tired and ive got a headache i cant shake even though my water intake is between 3 and 4 litres. Before starting this diet i could walk my dog fine but now after about 15mins im knackered and totally out of breath!!!! Arggggghhhh.


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keep going, be strong there is no point in stopping, your after the hard part, i felt that way too but now im on day 10 and the pants are starting to feel looser so that kinda spurred me on. check back after your weigh in and let us know how you get on. good luck. x
Hey skinnyminny, i am not to far from u, i am in rochdale :), well done for getting so far and dont give up now, i have now been on it for just over 3 weeks and it feels soooo brill once you feel your pants falling down lmao, just keep in your mind how fab you will look in the nice weather with your fab little dresses on and gorgeous clothes, keep strong hun , U WILL GET THERE XXX
yeah skinny....i agree with the others, but at the end of the day its you who has to do it and sometimes it just doesnt agree with you or its not for you. See how you feel after your weigh in....you might feel differently then xxxx
I havent even been to my weighin im going to go tomorrow. I felt awful before. I had a massive migraine felt really weak and thought i was going to be sick. Im feeling slighlty better now. Ive decided to carry on for a few days to see if it gets better as i really dont want throw in the towel x

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