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My Lipotrim Diary, first timer (Mummypig)


I'm MummyPig :D also known as Danielle.

I'm a mum of 4 beautiful children, 3 boys and 1 girl.

I had my first baby in 2004 and last baby 7 months ago.

I'm at the point now where I don't want anymore babies and I want to do something for ME. For the last 7 years I've put myself on the back burner and gave it all to my kids, don't get me wrong I will still give my all to them but I want to find a bit of time for myself.

I've put on quite a bit of weigh over the pregnancies. I'm 13st.5lbs now. I'm not sure how much i want to loose, at least 3 stone.

I joined here originally looking at slimmers world. I actually joined them on tuesday but in all honesty I hated it, it was like a Butlins Holiday camp :eek: It just wasn't my thing.

I'd like a big boost, a large weight loss and it seems this is the way to go.

I'm hoping I'll maintain well and this will teach me not to stuff my face basically!

I'm starting on Monday and am feeling a bit nervous.

I really don't want to add this to my list of failings :cry:

but i'm sure with support I can get through it!!

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Welcome Danielle.:welcome2:

Lipotrim is a tough diet but it does deliver the results quickly.

Just take it one day at a time and if you need any help be sure to ask:)

Good luck with starting Lipotrim on Monday and wishing you all the best in 2012:new_year:
Thankyou so much :)

Happy new year to you too :)
I decided to start today as it got to 10am and I hadn't had breakfast so I made up a shake, to be honest I struggled to drink it, it made me feel a bit sick :jelous:

But i think its because i used bottled water from the cupboard, so I've put my water in the fridge and am going to buy some ice cubes too, i mixed it with am electric hand blender.

I had strawberry, I've got chocolate and 3 chicken. She had no bars which is a shame as I'd like some of those i think.

Am drinking my water, felt better with a big drink of water after the shake.

Hopefully I'll egt used to them as really didn't enjoy the consistancy, but i am 100% pushing through.



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Hi and :welcome:to the Lipotrim Diarys hun, anything you want to know about ASK, and remember this you are never alone, theres always someone around to encourage, motivate and generally help out where needed. The girls on here as sooo positive and supportive, so if your feeling a bit down or struggling then come on and post/read... some inspiring stories on here chick.... Hope you do really really well, you deserve too :D Lou xxx


Determind dieter :D
Welcome honey :) hope you keep going as the weight you want to lose will be off in no time on this :) x x x

I'm not finding the NOT eating hard... its drinking the shakes I'm struggling with if I liked the taste I'd be laughing!

Won't be doing hot chocolate again, thats for sure.

Think im going to freeze some water and try icey milkshakes tomorrow,

not keen on the chicken soup either.

Might have to just be strawberry shakes and thats it :/

I might have to resort to trying the tesco bars to replace one meal like you would with a flapjack as I'd like something to nibble on.

Will see how the week goes on just milkshakes for now.

My belly is rumbling but I think i'll take a book to bed soon and get a (reallyyyy) early night!


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Welcome to the diet. The first few days really are the hardest as you get use to the diet and the tastes. Just been re-reading my bumph as I plan to get back onto 100% on Tue and it says to think about the shakes as a medicine - they are palitable but not moreish and I think that just about sums them up!!! I found I couldn't stand the chicken soup to start with but after a few weeks my taste buds had changed and they became something to 'enjoy' as a hot evening meal. The same with the 'flapjacks'. My chemist would not let me have them to start off with because they are an aquired taste and the first one was disgusting. However once I got use to them I had them for lunch at work as they were easier than making the shakes at work.
Although it's tough to start with once you hit ketosis you will not feel hungry and I found I had loads of energy. Have you tried the vanilla shakes. Some of the girls mix them with hot coffee and make a latte type drink with them. The other thing I did was to make my drinks with a pint of water. I enjoyed them that way and it also mean't I was taking in more water.
Stick around here - there are plenty of people to give you lots of advice and support without the 'Butlins' atmosphere of a slimming club.
Good Luck - the results are fantastic and you will soon see a slimmer you!!!


Determind dieter :D
Honey this diet isn't easy in the least but it does give fantastic losses. I tried the bars but found that was my slippery slope before Xmas so now I'm shakes all the way ;)

Also if they tasted nicer we'd be more likely to drink more in 1 go ;) lol so like the others I think of it as medicine and down the hatch done and dusted. Your doing great keep your water intake up as that really helps ...the more ya drink the more ya shrink ;) x x x
Thanks soooo much for the words of support :)

im really, really happy this morning as my husband went and got me a bag of ice and y morning strawberry milkshake is, well, almost lovely :D its probably cause im starving :p

I'v decied against the flpjack and am going to do just cold strawb & choc shakes. i think the flapjacks woul be a slippery slope especially if i got the tesco ones.

i was naughty and weighed myself and my scales must be wrong cause they say im -3lbs already :eek: im not going to do it again now as thats made me have high expectations and i don't want to feel disapointed.

I really wanted a piece of toast this morning but just avoided the kitchen,

feeling really positive now the shakes taste edible. :)


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Well done Mummy for keeping going and I find 4 ice cubes makes them bareable lol

It does work and your efforts will pay off :) x x x

peach pip

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Hey there Danielle welcome on board! Iet me do my best to assure you that it does get plenty easier, and the shakes do get better in time... I like them all now and you can even make crisps out of them and mousse if you don't mind a bit of faffing about with the shakes. This diet is the best decision I ever made I love it, it has amazing results and it becomes so easy when you get into the routine... One other thing make sure you get lots of water drank it really helps xx
crisps? hows that work?!

Am feeling great this morning whic is odd as I've heard ays 3 & 4 are the worst.

Think its the fact I got on the scales again, i know i shouldn't have... I'm gonna have to hide them!!

But I started at 13st5 and now im.... 12st 13!!!

I can't believe it!!! :eek::cool::D

That is SUCH an insentive to keep going!!


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fantastic -well done. I know we shouldn't weigh ourselves but we do and I think it is a great motivataion when you see the numbers alter so drastically. My scales are way out so I am never really sure how I am doing on them but it guides me in the right direction. Keep up the good work!


Determind dieter :D
The scales can become a pitfall if ur not careful :( use clothing and belts to help motivate and measurements as some weeks u can STS but lose inches ;) x x x well done honey keep up the great work xxx
I'm going to get my husband to hide the scales now!

Im really happy today :D any of the hunger is just masked by the thought of what those scales will say come monday!!


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hey good luck :) x

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
There's a post on my peachy diary about how to make the crisps and cookies they are ace! I get slightly addicted to them haha! But it breaks things up and gives u something to chew :)

The rewards on LT are like nothing I've ever seen before it really has changed me, not only my body but the way I think as well which is a huge corner for me to turn.... Also the girls on here are such an inspiration you know you can do it yourself xx