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My lipotrim diary !


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Day one

So I'm writing this before I go to bed and right now has been the worst I have felt so far. I'm a night owl and night time eater so trying my best to break old habits. I've gone to bed early and read a horror fiction - definitely enough to put u off ur appetite lol.

Today hasnt been bad. And I havent missed food. I find I can forget about it quite easy and have avoided the kitchen. I did miss it alittle when people in wrk were on about going for food on the way home... For pizza, chinese, indian... All the things I like lol.

Ive had:
A vanilla shake this morning then the strawberry before I went to work and then the chicken soup when I got home. I still think it tasted peanutty. Lol.

No headaches which is good !

So im currently 21 and weigh 16st 11.

I think that's the first time I've ever openly shared my weight.

I'd love to get down to 10 stone so that's the goal.

But anyways I'm going on holiday in august to stay wit some friends abroad so I want to lose a bit by then. I hav lost about a stone and a half by myself by goin to the gym and swimming. But food is my weakness. I enjoy food but I'd only have one large and late meal a day so hopefully getting into a good routine wit the shakes will help wit this problem when I finally do re eat :)

Keeping positive and would like to say thank you to all the nice people ive spoken to today on here. People been really supportive.

Proud to say been 100%

Bring on day two ! :)
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Well done for getting past day one! Im or was an afternoon eater after id got everything done and put lil ones for a sleep and scoff scoff scoff lol im sooo glad to break that habbit and hope it stays away for good good luck with your first and hardest (cos itll only get easier after) week! X


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Thank you for the encouragement lauraleigh.
What day r u on ?

Ive made it through day two !!

Got up and had my first shake around 7.15 am, then went to work. I had a chocolate one this morning and realllllly liked it so I may swap some of the strawberry and vanilla for more chocolate, hehe.
I made a chicken soup on my lunch break around 1.
I have to admit the chicken soup is growing on me. Nice to have something warm, even on a lush day like today.

Im proud of myself as I tucked into my soup and ignore everyone else eating their crisps and chocolate.
I was even sat next to the snack machine ! Lol.

I came home around 6.30 so I'd been busy all day so had no time to really think of food which was great. I think the test is going to be when I've got a day off... But gonna fill those days wit the gym and swimming I think. I love to swim !

I had my third shake around 8, I had it later tonight than last night.
Last night I had a serious attack of the munchies but tonight is not so bad.

Gonna cwtch up wit my horror to take my mind off food. Lol.

I know it's only day two but I think I've been pretty lucky. I'm not hungry at all. Not tired And had no headaches.

I couldn't sleep lastnight tho. Has anyone else found that ? But then I am abit of an insomniac lol.

I'm really glad im on this diet as already it's impacting different parts of my life, from food, to socialising (gonna go to the cinema hopefully this week rather than for a meal or a drink) to breaking old habits. I may not be sleeping but I am going to bed earlier and just chilling and reading in bed which is nice. Something I haven't done in a long time :)

Hope everyone else has had a good day !! X
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Hiii hope your well! This weather sucks im not functioning properly lol! I found it hard to sleep the first night. Im on day ten cheeted a lil yestarday because ive been cookin my fave foods all week for my family and yestarday i cracked :( but im totally back on track today yay. I prefer the choco shakes too and i dont mind the chiken soup the rest are blurgh x


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Everyone has slip ups every now and then, wit everything. Whenever it's food, smoking or whatever. Long as u learn from it and keep going forward all it good !

So day 3 complete !! Whoop !!

Got up and felt so warm and clammy. It wasn't nice. Think its how my body decide to react to the detox.

But I won't be beaten. If it wants to sweat then my gosh that's wat it ll get. So I went and had a steam room and a swim. But my swim was cut short by aqua aerobics... But again I wouldnt be beaten so I joined in lol. It was weird but fun.

I was the youngest by far, but all the ladies were so nice and showed me what to do. But it was bad in a way as when I was going the actions I could feel my wobbly bits well wobbling lol. Didn't like that. It wasn't nice! But more action = less wobble right ?! After like 30 min I decided I didn't care and just went for it lol.

Ive been pretty late wit my shakes today. I dnt know if this is bad and will impact the success of the program???

I had one (chocolate) around 11.30. Then one before wrk at 4, then one after wrk at 9.30. Hopefully it won't make too much difference??

I'm wring all day tomorrow, 8-8. So I think its gonna be tough. I'll hav a few breaks and only be able to hav a shake on one of them so I'm gonna take a book to distract myself from the EVIL SNACK MACHINE !!! Lol.

As long as I'm wit someone I'll tlk my way threw it but if I'm on my own I know I'll be tempted to snack.

But I'm feeling good and positive. And I can do this !

Not hungry at all which is so nice :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow ! X
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Ill never do it again 100% all the way now cos its sooo difficult t stay on track after youve messed up!

I actually love aqua aerobics but the girl i went with stopped and im too shy to go it alone lol x


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Aww im sure u can do it !!


U done it once and got sooooo far.

Mayb if u go once by urself ull make a new friend there and then hav someone to go wit every week !


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hi. just read your diary so far. you are very brave saying how much you weigh. im not that brave yet lol xx (but i will!)...btw im 43 hehe

h x


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Ahh day 4 and having such a crappy day.

The diet is goin fine, worked 12 hours ( and avoided the snack machine) and that was fine.

Was a good day until I got home and now and stressed and angry and upset and dnt want my third shake of the day. Just not in the mood and fed up.


Hope everyone else is having a better day


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Hey Becca,

Hope today goes better for you! Been reading you diary and you are doing great!

So are you excited about the weigh in now? You are goin Saturday rite?

Well done on the exercising .. I was a regular at my gym but u haven't had the energy to even think about going since I started .. Might try go for a swim in Thursday night ease myself back in!

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Day 5 !

Situation wise things been much better so been happier today.

Haven't had any slip ups or real temptations (craved the first night and that was it).

My mouth starting to feel fuzzy now tho lol. When I get weighed on saturday (yep becky, very excited, are u?) I think I'll ask for the breath strips. What r they called ??

Ive been so busy with work it's been stupid. Annoyed that coz I wrked all day yesterday they promised I'd hav saturday off but now they gone against it. Not impressed.

Think I'm gonna go sauna and swimming again tomorrow.

I haven't felt tired or anything really.

Am I normal lol

Hows everyone else doing ??

As I was typing this my puppy jac been pestering me as I wasn't giving him the attention he wanted so I thought I'd attach a picture so he could say hi too lol.

Hope he makes u smile !



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Morning Becca,

I am indeed nervous this week to see the loss ... 1st week is big but I have no indication of how much to expect on the 2nd week! You must be busting to get weight. Will you get time before work to weigh now?

I have been quite tired but I suppose I get up at 6am everyday so my 6pm when I get home I am pooped!! Go you with the exercise!

Ah lovely Jac, he's fab! my chihuahua Saffy died this year in April she was 13 still miss her every day! Have my banjo still a shih tzu, mad man who has a small obsession with leather .. He reckons it's delicious!

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To the victor the spoils!
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Sounds like you are doing great Becca, don't forget this is a very hard diet to do in the intial weeks, it does get easier, promise :)

Just take it one day at a time you'll be fine.

Good luck!


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So the last few days hav been manic !

Busy wit wrk and re decorating.

But today I've realllllllllly missed food and almost cracked.

But no. I shall stay strong. First weigh in tomorrow. Week one will be complete !

So excited.

Good luck to everyone else weighing tomorrow !


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Nice one on staying strong, sure your determination will be rewarded :D

Yep I'm weighing in tomorrow!


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Hi everyone,

Sorry I havent kept up with the diary!

Everything has been so crazy lately and I've just been so busy !

Sorry !

So today I am on day 11 !

It has totally flown by ! Didn't think I'd make it this far to be honest, thought I would have cracked by now. Hehe.

Hi Becky.boo, I use to have a Shih Tzu too, her name was Suzie and she loved EVERYTHING lol. if anyone came to the house she would lick them to death :) I love my lil chih now tho, he couldnt be more of a lap dog if he tried !
How was your weigh in ?
I lost 11lb ! so im so excited about that.
I'm going on holiday soon so I want to lose quite abit before I go (i go in 43 days...not counting or anything). So i have another 36 days on Lipotrim then I'll spend a week on the maintaince program before I go so I can eat and drink whilst I'm away (but still be good of course). A quarter of the way there already ! :)

Hi Lipotrim,
Thank you for your support. yep one day at a time is the best advice, its totally flown by.

Hi Kingmaker79.
You've lost so much ! its amazing ! keep up the good work. Not to much further to go ?

Hope everyone else is well and keeping up the good work !

Hope to hear from you all soon,

I will update the diary tonight (again sorry for the lacks few days) promise ! :)


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Hi Becca,

11lbs fab well done! Mad you have the two breeds together they make good pals .. Saffy was 12 when we got banjo and she decided he was her baby they were so cute .. She even mammied him when he had grown bigger than her!!

I lost 7lbs week 2, so 17lbs in two weeks! My clothes are starting to feel really loose it's brill! I spent the weekend exploring my wardrobe for the clothes I haven't been able to wear in the last year .. I cannot wait to get in to them!

I know what you mean on the counting thing I have 32 days left before refeed for hols to Spain (and my wedding!) and then Orlando in Sept so excited booked he hotel today!!! It will fly cause the last 17days seem like a flash!

Well congrats and keep with it you will be looking very fine by the time your hols come around! A skinny mini!! Oh do you heading anywhere nice?

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I'm going to Miami and all over florida really.
I lived out there for a year and lost so much weight (heat + no car).
But when I came home I was so stressed out (my dad recently passed away) that I ballooned again.

Now I'm at the weight I was when my friends last seen me so I think theyll hav a shock when I go bk out there (staying with them in the keys, Miami and west palm beach). Where in Orlando r u going ?

I bet ur so excited for ur wedding !

Ull hav to put all the pretty pictures up for us to see.

Funny u mentioned clothes...
I was wlking up the stairs last night and my new jeans fell down lol. I had to waddle up the stairs with them around my ankles as I was carrying too much to pull them up. No one saw so it was ok lol. Think that's a sign that I'm shrinking tho :)

Well done on the 17lb lose ! It's amazing to think it's over a stone in two weeks !!

I just wish I'd started sooner !

Unfortunately jac ain't wit the shih tzu now, mine died but my mam had one too but I've moved out so it's my grand parents, jac and I. And he's spoilt rotten. Safe to say he eats better than I do now lol. So my baby.
Finally told my grandparents about the diet the other day. They been so nice. They said for every lb I lose they ll match in it in £ for my holidays hehe
So sweet :)


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st6lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st12lb(4.96%)
That's is lovey of your grandparents ... Really nice thought!! Sorry to hear about your Dad .. A loss like that really does leave you so sad .. And you think why can't I have that takeaway life is short I may aswell enjoy .. Messed up logic I was going with since my (uncle passed last April) funny though cause the bigger you get the less you enjoy life!! Ah this diets gives you lots of thinking time!

We are staying at down town Disney so we can eat drink and be merry!! So excited about he wedding it is Spain ... But more about Orlando an the parks and all the fun!! Yippy!

Living in Miami must have been brill .. It will be a great hols so getting to see loads of friends!

That is very funny with the jeans .. Im not quite that loose yet .. But I will be .. So helpe I will get there!!

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Have u booked ur park tickets yet ?
If u haven't my advice would be to get them from an American site as they r wayyy cheaper, or u done it part of a package?

Yep I went to school in Miami, it was amazing.

I totally got that thinking. My weakness is a takeaway. A good chinese or Indian. Just wit Uni and wrking all the time it was so quick and easy and tasty.

I think when I eventually come off lipotrim I'll get a healthy cook book. My friend is on slimming world and she cooks curries and stuff so I think that ll b the way forward when I get my hands bk on food. Dnt want it all to be for nothing. See already planning ahead.

I'm looking forward to Saturday (2nd weigh in). I'd love to get over the stone mark! On average if I can lose 6 pound ish a week I'd be so happy.

What's ur target (if u dnt mind me asking)

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