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My lipotrim slim down diary



Back on the wagon!
Oh that a fab loss - keep up the good work..
Thank you Bea, I need support although family are ok as I've told them that the doctor put me on the diet - a fib but if it means they won't give me a hard time then its worth it.


Back on the wagon!
Outside my sis and my hubby...I really didnt tell my family either as they are sooo anti VLCDs...my sis in law is a nurse and when I floated the idea looking for support....I got totally kicked back...so your idea of saying its your doctor I think is a good one....lots of doctors recommend LT when when you have a good bit of weight to loose. Keep it up - its sooo worth it....I lost 65lbs approx in 4 months!! Think how amazing you will look on your holidays next year!!! Go Girl!!!
Hey! 9lbs!! well done thats exactly how much I lost in my first week! I am now in my second and weighed today and lost 7lbs! stick with it and you will do so well im sure! I have found it hard at times as well

Hope x:)

Welcome and well done on your weight loss so far. As has been said, most doctors recommend this diet, mine did, and I didn't tell many people outside of the close family. It's quite easy to get around the problem, most people don't really notice you aren't eating,unless its a special dinner or something. Keep up the good work hun xxx
Welcome to the forum and Congrats on your first fab weight loss!!!!
Everyone here is amazing and soooooo helpfull.....they are a fab lot.
Well, when anyone asked me what diet im on....I tell them. Some have been great and then some are not so great.....but do I care...........Nope not at all. My hubby always comes with me to the weigh ins and he went through the information with a fine tooth comb before I started the diet and hes more than happy with it cause he can see that im happy. Does it really matter what people think. My best mate hates the fact that im on this diet but she may have an opinion, which I love about her but I dont have to agree with it...........we usually dont agree lol:D:D
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Thank you for your support. Today has been a much better day, and I'm feeling back in control of my diet and my life! (can you tell that the rest of the sentence is ..and if you don't like it you can shove it!! )

I did dream of slipping up last night, an ice cream cone full of buttericing (?!) which i took a massive mouthful of absentmindly and then was frantically scraping my mouth out. Oh well at least it was only a dream.

Am having a few blockage problems down below but it seems to be getting better and I think that is helping to improve my mood. sorry to be gross :p


Back on the wagon!
Thats a great attitude to have Shelly....personally my confidence was just soooo low before I went on LT I couldnt couldnt bear to hear anyone "telling me off " for the LT diet as well......you are doing great by the way only few pounds left to go !! Yah!!!


Back on the wagon!
Clear fibre is also good....if Senokot doesnt sort you out
am on the clear fibre and it does seem to be sorting, but will get some senokot nest time I'm in town just to have incase. Thanks for the advice.

Another day down, and more dreams of food - I hope this isn't going to continue.

Anyway of for some exercise this afternoon, we're going to try geocaching (sort of treasure hunting) should keep the kids entertained.

I am so inspired by everyone's successes on here, it really is helping to keep me committed. I do seem to keep jumping on the scales, which is fine at the moment as it seems to be going down each day but that is not likely to continue as the average is about 3lb a week I think. so don't want to discourage myself.


Back on the wagon!
I was on the scales 24/7 when I started...just try not to expect a loss every day when you are a few weeks in as the losses even out....you should expect to loose a stone a month - you will be the fab new you in no time at all!!!! Best of luck you are doing great!!
I'm on here now as I'm cooking a roast dinner for the rest of the family. I'm guzzling as much water as possible so I can cope with carving the meat and dishing up. I've got a candle burning to try and disguise the smells but I've really been battling the last couple of days with fancying food. So far haven't given in but oh the temptation.

I tried some jean cut offs on last night that were a bit tight and now they fit ok but even that isn't helping at the moment.

It will be worth it, I can do this, it will be worth it, I can do this.......


Back on the wagon!
You can do it....cooking for the family is the worst....keep strong...hugs!!
I did it. A whole roast dinner and not even a little touched my lips or went into my mouth.

I'm so proud of myself and am looking forward to my 2nd weigh in which is on Wednesday. I'm really hoping that it will be the first stone gone.

Not been so bad tonight and plenty of water but am starting to "feel" hungry. Not really just head hunger so think I'd better retreat to my craft room and finish making my christmas cards - that will keep me occupied for a few hours!


Back on the wagon!
OH best of luck tomorrow with the weight in. You really deserve to be very close to that stone off!! Post as soon as you can to let us all know!! Huges.....

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