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My Long Journey...Need to loose half my body weight...and some!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by jules1981, 25 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    This is my second attempt at loosing weight through slimming world, I have lost weight before cal counting.

    I am bigger than I have ever been 23.2 stone (As of this morning :() and a size 24 on top and 26 on the bottom-and they are tight :( I have clothes from a size 8-26 in my wardrobe, and want to fit in to some of them again.

    The main reason I want to be healthy is for my little boy-I get out of breath carrying him upstairs- hes almost 2 and I weigh more now than when I was full term and pregnant :(

    I have put on over 5 stone since oct 12 when I was put on anti psychotic medicine, I came off in july and lost almost 2 stone- but have gained it back and some, when I had to go back on it in October last year :( I am also on a high dosage of anti depressant plus sleeping tablets.

    I like the idea of cooking LOTS of family meals from scratch.

    I am starting slimming world tomorrow and pointers and help would be most welcome as I am doing it from home-I cant really afford the classes, and I dont tend to go out unless I am with somone else.

    Looking forward to my journey and meeting some new friends :) xxx
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  3. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Hello Jules and good luck with your weight loss journey. There is lots of support for you here. We are all in the same boat and understand the ups and downs of the path we are all on. I found it all a little daunting when i first started the SW plan. What can I eat?? I actually ate nothing the first day for fear of getting it wrong but after a week or so it became much easier and now, after a couple of months, it is a way of life that feels right.

    i will give you my opinion on how to start but please don't take my words as the only way. Read lots of threads on minimins to find out how others coped with starting out. I would say, at first, don't worry about fancy recipes, just feed yourself and your son on simple, home cooked food. Fresh or frozen veggies with low fat meats for dinner. For breakfast I eat fat free yogurt with any kind of fruit chopped up and stirred in. For lunch I have homemade veggie soup. Basically I throw any veg I have (whatever is on offer when I shop) into a big saucepan with some chicken or veg stock, onion, garlic, herbs if you fancy. Cook it up then liquidise or use a stick blender. I divide it into portions and freeze it. I have that with a 60g slice of wholemeal bread and find it fills me up and is yummy! For snacks I eat fruit. What a brilliant start for your little son. Good healthy food for a growing boy, full of vitamins and minerals and low in sugar and fats.

    In addition to the above I have a little milk in cups of tea or coffee and sometimes cheese instead if my milk intake for the day was low. Then there are syns. It's a nice system because it means nothing it off limits as long as you stick to your syn allowance. If there is something you really crave you know you can have some.

    Hope that helps and that others will tell you their version of the plan so you can work out what is best for you. Whatever you decide, keep posting and take advantage of the lovely people here who will help you all the way.
  4. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Thank you LJ22, it is a bit daunting with what I can and cant eat, but reading the diarys here is a good way of learning what food I can eat :) Well done on your weight loss so far. xxx
  5. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Red day.......


    L Ryvita with scrambled egg and salad

    T- Extra lean mince with mushroom, celery tom and onion and 35 g (dry) pasta with 1 babybel

    syns :) muller greek yog 0.5

    Hea 350 mls skimmed milk and 1 babybel light

    Heb ryvita and pasta

    Last edited: 26 January 2014
  6. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Good start Jules! You are on the way. The first step is the hardest.
    I have been doing Extra Easy until now but this morning i am reading about green days. Might try that soon.
  7. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Hi Jules, I'm also a Jules (and born in 1981!)

    Good luck with your journey, I started this week too and so far I just feel like I'm eating loads of yummy food!!!! X
  8. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Thanks LJ22, Its feel good to start :)

    Thanks Jolly-Ha another jules and born in the same year, glad you are getting on ok. Gives me hope. xx
  9. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Hi Jules just wanted to wish you all the best in your journey we are all here to support you along the way.I too gained a lot of weight in 2007 when I was on lithium & then metazapine it is a vicious circle.Keep strong :)
  10. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Tamkat thank-you, did you manage to loose weight on your meds hun? I don think i will be off mine any time soon. xxx
  11. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    I don't think I really tried to tbh as was mentally unstable for a long time & just needed to give the medication chance to work,have not been on medication for a while now but still struggling with weight issues, bingeing etc..have you spoken to the doctor about different medication? xx
  12. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    I have asked hun, but they all seem to cause weight gain and going through a wobbly patch just now so know its not the right time to change, currently waiting for an appointment to see my psychiatrist again and have a meds review also coming up so will ask again. I know what you mean about being unstable. HUGS xxx

    Just back from the cinema-only the second film hubby and I have seen since little man was born ( and hes almost 2 :)) didn't have any popcorn just a diet coke and took a packate of crisps but didn't really want them so they are still in my bag :) early night I feel.

    I go to the gym tomorrow with my carer, should burn a few cals.

  13. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    well that sounds like a lovely evening :) welldone on resisting temptation the more you do it the stronger you will feel.Just looking at your height & goal weight etc.. we are the same height was just wondering if you might feel more positive if you set your goal differently? For example before I had my last baby hes nearly 8 months I got from 16.13 to 13.4 with calorie counting & even though I was still classed as overweight I felt fantastic & could fit into some lovely clothes.It is a state of mind I guess I could get down to 9 stone & be miserable as sin we never know until we get there lol .I hope you have a great week & you will have a fantastic first weight loss which will spur you on xx
  14. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Thanks hun to be honest I put 10 stone just as a round number, I really want to get down to a size 14 ( as have a zillion clothes in that size!) but its been so long since I have been that size ( as am a 26 bottom and 24 on top now) I dont know what weight that will be.

    My first goal is 21 stone, which I would like to be at by my birthday towards the end of may_know I am in this for the long hall :)

    Eve out with hubby was lovely, he has been so supportive of my MH problems he really is my hero.

    Gym this morning with my carer 330 cal burnt and did 5 weight machines saw a lady from near where my parents live and rather than hide and make no eye contact I spoke to her and introduced my carer. Positive little steps.

    Also dropped Little man at nursery this afternoon, so a 20 min walk al body magic I guess.

  15. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Forgot to add my food!

    Red day...

    B-Banana and coffee

    L Salmon, ryvita, tom, cucumber and grapes


    T-Gammon, roasted veggies butternut squash, onion, mushrooms and mixed veggies

    Hea-350 mls skimmed milk

    heb- 3 x Ryvita

    1 liter water...so far
    Last edited: 27 January 2014
  16. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Your food is looking good, Jules, and well done for your achievements today, speaking to the woman at the gym, burning off all those calories too! You are doing great. Those scales will show a good loss this week.
  17. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Thank you-I hope so See what they say on fri :)
  18. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Just having some twiglets as a snack 5/15 syn xx
  19. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Another sleepless night, even with sleeping tablets :(

    Going to do a green day today, been reading my SW book, but have a few questions!

    Are 2 weetabix a HEB on a green day?

    Also are pickled onion, gherkins and pickled red cabbage a free food?

  20. LJ22

    LJ22 Silver Member

    Hi Jules. The answers to all your questions are yes.
    2 Weetabix is 1 HexB and all the pickles in your list are free.
    I looked it up in my Green Day book so I am sure that's right.
    Have a great day!
  21. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Thank you L22 I have a lot to learn :)

    B 2 x weetabix skimmed milk and grapes

    L-Cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce with a massive salad-lettuce, cue, cherry toms

    hea-skimmed milk, 1/3 1 babybel light

    heb- weetabix, ham

    T is going to be Omelette, ham, mushrooms and onions, 1 babybel light cheese with sray oilive oil (7 sprays 1 syn) with plain couscous with beans.

    Syns 2 (oil) 0.5 greek yog 2.5/15
    Last edited: 28 January 2014

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