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    The title is a bit over the top, but that is how i feel.

    Hello, i'm Sarah. I am 35, fat and fed up. I did a VLCD a few years ago but regained. My own stupid fault!! I got complacent, thought i could just lose any few pounds again no problem. Wrong!! Every pound turned into ten, then a stone, then 2. I have now regained 4 stones and 10 pound in 5 years.

    I will never give up trying to be slim again, ever. I don't believe in a namby pamby approach either....listen to your body cues etc! If i did that i would be twice the size. I will always choose cake over salad, i will always choose chips over mung beans and i will always love decadent food a little too much for my own liking. I have come to realise that i will always fight my weight. I have an underactive thyroid, am naturally lazy, and will always want the quickest, easiest way out. However, once i put my heart and soul into something i give it my all. So i am willing to give maximum input for maximum rewards.

    Here's the thing, today was going to be my give it all day and i stumbled, i started reading about a different diet, one that seemed easier 'just count calories, limit yourself to 1200 calories a day and you will lose weight' yes i will do that i thought to myself....but i'll start tomorrow and so i stuffed myself with 3 biscuits, half a packet of Twix mix (they're new :) ) and half a bar of snickers. Then i woke from my sugar induced coma and though WTF did i just do!!! I know i am not going to religiously count calories, i wan't something easy to stick to, something i don't really have to give much thought too. I am not going to agonise about how many calories are in 100ml of semi skimmed milk and whether it has taken me over my limit. No, i need a guarantee that what i am sticking to will thought or much preparation required.
    SO.....rather than start again tomorrow and stuff myself stupid in last supper mentality, i start now!

    After my binge episode, i cleared the entire kitchen of junk food, out went to remaining Twix mix, biscuits from the jar and crisps. Kids, TOUGH!! You will be healthier for it!

    Today, as you already know i have had
    3 Viennese Chocolate Biscuits, Half a bar of Snicker and half a packet of Twix Mix. (I ate it, so i will deal with the consequence)
    Add to this i will resume with my diet
    1 Slim and save Shake
    1 Slim and Save Bar
    1 Slim and Save Spaghetti Bolognese and Allowed Veg
    1 Slim and Save Shake

    Weight in this morning 14 stones and 10 pounds
    Goal Weight 10 Stones (approx)

    Good luck to those reading, starting or on their journey's already.
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    Healthy eating/Slim and Save
    Good luck with it. And well done for not waiting till tomorrow.
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    Ha ha Sarah, I just read your first post and I could've written it myself! I, like you, always make the wrong food choices...cake and chocolate are (were) my life! But you soon realise how much of it you used to eat and how awful it was! Altho even almost six weeks in I could commit murder for a large bar of dairy milk!

    But you can do it, you've done it before and succeeded which is actually half the battle because you know it works! Get through these next three days and keep drinking! You mentioned kids, how many do you have? I have three :D Xx
  5. SW-Bunny

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    Hi Sophie, thanks for popping by. I have 3 also and i have to admit that i have found this half term a struggle diet wise....nevertheless i did stick to Slim and Save for the past two days but i really am not keen on the packs and i do like being accountable to somebody every week so i am arranging to see a CWPC after half term. I dug out my 'Diet Drawer' and found some old Cambridge sachets left from a previous feeble attempt so i am going to use them up while they are still in date. I think i will do sole source, i need that break from food altogether and really concentrate on getting into ketosis properly.
    I have a bit of a problem at the weekend though, we are due to meet up with friends, i haven't seen them for a while and really do want to go. We have a planned meal out. My best way of getting round this is to pick at some low carb food and stick to water/soft diet drinks. I don't want to make a big hoo haa about being on a diet and don't want to draw attention to myself either so i think this is the best way around it.

    This diet really is mind over matter, if you can find the mental strength and keep sight of your reasons for doing it then you will succeed. I know i'm not physically hungry and if i can just get through these next few days sole sourcing then i know it will become a lot easier.
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