"My Mad Fat Diary" - E4 Anyone seen it?

Discussion in 'Movies, Music and TV' started by Periwinkle, 18 February 2013.

  1. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    I've been watching "My Mad Fat Diary" on E4 - next ep is on tonight at 10pm. Anyone else watch it? What do ye guys think?!
  2. HelloSweetie

    HelloSweetie Member

    I love it, last nights ep was fab x
  3. sugar_face

    sugar_face Well-Known Member

    Gutted its finished! Related to it loads unfortunately haha

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  4. HelloSweetie

    HelloSweetie Member

    Me to, can't wait for season 2 x
  5. craigluh

    craigluh New Member

    Was interesting
  6. mailin

    mailin Well-Known Member

    Downloaded them but still waiting to watch.

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