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My Mad Fat Diary

I dont know if anyone will read this not sure where to start ive had issues with my weight as long as i can remember was big as a kid about 13 stone then did the atkins diet lost weight but one time i ate chocolates and felt guilty so made myself sick then i thought why not do it after everything i eat i thought everyone else was missing out because i could eat what i wanted and still lose weight but before i knew it bulimia had a firm hold on me i was 16 im 25 now.

Over the years my weight has fluctuated i stayed ten stone till about 19 even though i thought i was big then i got pregnant with twins think i went upto about 15stone. I lost my weight the wrong way which i am ashamed about i went to about 9.5 stone. I then tried to eat healthily with bingeing in between and stayed at about ten stone. I did weight watchers went down to about 8 stone 13.Then 2010 was a horrific year with personal issues in my family and my weight crept up as i comfort ate i tried slimming world and lost a bit but panicked at going to the groups from years of how im mentally involved with food.

This year i hit my highest 13stone 11 since january ive done healthy eating weight watcher slimming world 5:2 diet none of them suiting me i then tried to do just healthy eating but im mainly healthy in the week and bingeing on weekends. Im around 12 stone 8ish now and fed up and would really like to try slimming world so all my family can eat meals together to try and save money too. I am nervous as im instantly worrying i wont lose any weight tips would be highly appreciated as im not that familiar with slimming world.

I go to alton towers at the end october for my twins birthday and then for mine and would really like to have lost for then as i will be going to splash landings and will have to wear a swimming costume of some sort im terrified of failing again but i really want to try and set a good example for my 5 year old daughters as my relationship with food and my weight isnt a good one.

Im starting tommorow(haha i know that old chestnut but will be going shopping then to stock up). Im worried because the variety of fruit and vegetables i like isnt massive im hoping this wont affect me doing slimming world. At the moment it all feels a bit daunting i will be doing extra easy any advice is welcome thankyou :) id like to hopefully keep a food diary so i can keep a track on things as ive found this helps in the past i felt positive this morning but can already tell im doubting myself which i known isnt going to help. I originally said i wanted to have lost my weight for summer which hasnt happened i do not want the same thing to happen with alton towers i would like to be ten stone not sure if this is achieveable but id like to be close. Until tommorow
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Re: Another fresh start

Im enjoying a fosters gold made my last mistake eaten quite a lot of rubbish which wasnt really necessary but always feel i need to eat forbidden things before i start most of it wasnt actually that nice and have felt sluggish all day i am now feeling positive and actually looking forward to starting tommorow and having a happier and healthier smaller me :)
Re: Another fresh start

Fresh start today still feeling positive i have excactly thirteen weeks till alton towers quite funny as thirteen is one of my favourite rides so guess thirteen will have to be a lucky number.

My starting weight is 12 stone 7 and 3/4 pounds. Ideally i would like to be as close to ten stone as possible i know this may not be reachable. Last time i attempted slimming world i didnt lose very much not sure i was eating the right things.

Unfortunately i dont like a huge variety of fruit i like enough vegetables and salad things so will make sure im eating plenty of these at meal times and snacking on these too. Will be doing my first sw shop today to make sure ive got all the right things in.

I will try and keep a food diary every day even if people dont read it writing things down has always helped me stay focused.
Re: Another fresh start

Well been and stocked up on lots of fruit vegetables salad lean meats and herbs cost a fortune but now got all essentials now what to eat today theres so much i dont know where to start
Re: Another fresh start

Hi. Love reading how honest you are about your food issues.
I started at 14.4. 7 weeks ago and I am down 17lb.
You can do this. If you keep a diary I will try my best to motivate you and help you along the way.
Good luck you have got a great start by going out and doing a shop. X
Good luck you are very honest and open and its refreshing to hear xxx
Awww thankyou very much i appreciate your lovely comments definately going to try at the end of each day to write down what ive eaten then i can see if im going wrong at all.Thankyou for taking the time to read my mad scribblings lol :)
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Re: Another fresh start

Hi. Love reading how honest you are about your food issues.
I started at 14.4. 7 weeks ago and I am down 17lb.
You can do this. If you keep a diary I will try my best to motivate you and help you along the way.
Good luck you have got a great start by going out and doing a shop. X
Also well done on your weight loss so far thats fantasic and makes me even more determined hope i can achieve the same x
Re: Another fresh start

I have weigh in tomo morning so fingers crossed ill be in the 12's.

I have also found that if I'm out ill come on here as I have my phone with me all the time and I record what I have eaten then I won't forget anything through out the day !
Re: Another fresh start

Its definately handy keeping track on your phone good luck for tommorow im dreading my first weigh in even though im only doing it at home keep worrying i wont lose anything already feel ive eaten too much il out what ive eaten up later
Week 1
Healthy Extra A 3mini babybel lights
Healthy Extra B 2slices of nimble wholemeal

Breakfast sandwich using healthy extra B and light choices ham and beetroot

Red seedless grapes and an apple

Dinner chicken wholemeal pasta radish lettuce onion cucumber beetroot 3 tablespoons of honey and mustard dressing 4.5 syns

An apple

Tea stirfry with turkey noodles peppers onions carrotts curry powder soy sauce worcester sauce and herbs

An input on this would be very much appreciated as im sure ive eaten too much i didnt have a small amount of noodles and looking at some food diarys feel ive gone overboard would love any advice thankyou.
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Re: Thirteen weeks to my halloween and much later

Your diary looks completely fine to me.
You have had plenty of super free stuff. Only a few syns so really good.!!!
My leader says try to have at least 5 syns a day !!
But well done. !!
I think what worries me is because i had alot of noodles and pasta at dinner and feel i shouldnt do that for both meals im just convinced i cant possibly lose weight. Im sure aswell my bellys starting to rumble after eating all that.
Lol. I don't tend to eat a lot of pasta or noodles. But if your not happy with what you have had. Maybe next time just have noodles one day and pasta another.
But tbh when I first started I was I really should be eating all this. But I am never hungry. Always fill my plate up with plenty of super free food. I worried about potato but that isn't a problem either as I have that everyday.
Il see how i go on wanted to do this so i wasnt worrying about calories do you have potatoes with both meals. I will have actually gone over my syns ive got a bottle of rekorderlig wild berries cider that im just going to have tonight otherwise it will be staring me in face all week.
Lol. Re cider.!!!

Yes I have had potatos for both meals and have sw crisps !!

Enjoy the cider ! I'm trying to keep out the kitchen with it being weigh in tomo
Ooo well done let me know how you get on tommorow wishing you luck ill see how this first week goes and adjust accordingly i dont suppose you know how many syns is in wild berries rekorderlig cant find it anywhere.
Thankyou for looking good grief lol yeah definately glad its gone didnt want to be drinking it over weekend although feel a bit bad ive gone over on first say but oh well tommorows another day
Will update what ive eaten later on day but still feel like im eating too much looking at what everyone else eats i suppose only my first weigh in will tell. Got a few euro tickets today fingers crossed i'll win something this buying loads of fruit vegetables salads and lean meat is expensive.

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