My Maintainance

Hmmm can't say that I know who that is dbl row, but I believe ya.
Tomorrow will mark my 11 month maintaining this weightloss. I will weigh in tomorrow and update my current weight then.

I love this saying and it is in my head daily as a reminder how important my health is! "Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip."
-Arnold H. Glasgow

Just a bit on Success/Failure

Sometimes I think success - losing the weight and maintaining the loss - is much harder than failure - gaining the weight back.
Since there are not many maintainers, obviously they gave up because they found it too hard to deal with the fact that this is a lifelong commitment to good habits like healthy eating and exercising daily. But for me, I am worth the effort. How do I make it work? Well for starters Nothing is off limits, moderation is the key though.... I can still induldge and and fit into my skinny jeans all because of the great new habits I am now accustomed to!
11 months tomorrow! thats around 330 days flower!!

I dont know why so many people gain it all back within the first year, I know weight watchers statistics are it'll work for 2/1000 people, thats only 20 maintainers in 10,000 people!
9,980 people will be back to losing their weight again (look how much $£ ww must have made in the meantime?) Have you got that link to that study site again with the maintainers being studied?
It's my anniversary! Today marks 11 months maintaining my 25 pound
weightloss. I weighed in today 2 pounds under my GOAL weight, oh well a
few pounds over, a few pounds under, either way works for me in
maintenance! As long as I am maintaining I don't sweat the small stuff...
Besides, the scale numbers are not as important as how I look and feel. I
love the powerful athlete that I have become. I will continue to focus my
attention on staying fit, strong and healthy for many years to come..
Thanks what a coinkdink, your guess was my weigh in! Your psychic!
Sure, but I hardly doubt they are the same as ours though! We use powerball ones though, so give me 12 numbers..
Bummer, give me six and we'll split the pot if I win!
We never say that, we say we will share our winnings with all our friends because that is just way too much damn $ to keep to ourselves.... So you'll be set, afterall you is my FRIEND! But we also have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than winning the lottery!!!! TRUE STORY!
I'll have my peeps contact your peeps! Aren't we just the big shots
Wow, 25 more days and it has been 1 year already for maintaining my weight loss. Geesh, Where has the time gone? I am pretty proud of myself to say the least.
Forgot to add, I think for my 1 year maintenance something "BIG" reward wise shall be in order...... Hmmmmmm what oh what shall I have to have
I am still thinking on that one, but I will let you know....
Hey Flab-u-less-Flower, enjoyed reading your maintenance post and know i'll be referring back to it for inspiration from time to time when i'm at goal.

Wise words from a wise lady. Thank you!