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My Maintenance diary

S: 15st9lb C: 8st1.5lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 22.2 Loss: 7st7.5lb(48.17%)
I never done a LL diary when I was going through abstinance or when I was doing RTM really but think now is the time I need to do one.

I learnt so much about food and my body during RTM and it was so so important for me but I now find myself struggling.

I finished my 12 weeks of RTM on Tuesday 1st March and I am struggling as I am still losing weight. I lost 1lb the first week and 2lbs this week.

I am eating more than I did the whole way through RTM but am losing more than I did at the end of RTM.

I am eating plenty of protein and carbs and am eating some fats and sugar.

Every day I have eaten sweets, bread, pitta bread, snack-a-jacks, fruit, protein, potato, takeaway, chocolate puddings, cheese, tortilla chips, crisps, popcorn and the list goes on.

I don't eat all of the above every day of course but more than one of the options.

I probably do eat healthily for the most part and eat 1400 calories a day. I have been told to eat more but I feel like I am eating enough. I eat 3 meals a day and snack and only feel hungry just before I eat a meal. I don't do much exercise apart from walk to work (only 10 mins) and 2 times a week walk my brothers dog so I don't feel like I need to eat more.

I have decided I will up the calories at the weekends at first and see if that helps, if not I will up my daily calories every week until I get the right balance.

I don't mind losing 6lbs more but I don't want to get any smaller than a size 10 and I already am there.

I am having my wedding dress adjusted in May so I really can't get any smaller after that so I do need to learn to maintain NOW as even though I don't mind losing another 6lbs I don't really want to if I can help it.

I was happy 20lbs ago when I first started RTM but don't go thinking I am getting too thin as I'm not. I am only a size 10 and am still considered slightly overweight by my BMI but I don't look it at all.

I was a size 12 when I started RTM and am now a 10. I don't lose a size every stone like a lot of people. I lose a size every 1.5 stone - 2 stone. I was over 15 stone when I started but was a size 16 (occasionally 18 when wearing shirts) so I have always looked smaller than I weigh and I got a huge shock when I was weighed when I first started LL back in August.

I eat more now than I did before LL. I used to kid myself I was naturally big because I only ate one meal a day. But really my body was in starvation mode for 5 years so the weight piled on slowly.
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