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My motivation.....


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I wanted to put a visual reference here of my motivation(s) so I can come give myself a big kick up the booty when I'm having an off day.

My husband to be and my beautiful little girls. Mollie is on the left and is 2 and Imogen is on the right and she is 4. I want to lose weight to make them proud and to have the energy to do more with them. I am so scared I won't be around long enough to see them grow up.

My dress wedding dress- in a size 12! Wedding *should* be next October but after knocking the date back twice already nothing is set in stone. One thing is for sure, I will not get married unless I fit in my dress!

And our venue.... a perfect princess wedding just waiting for me as soon as the weight has gone!

What are your motivations and reasons for doing CD? I always find it inspiring to know why other people are doing it too!
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Aw Lisalulu you have a lovely family and your 2 girls are really cute. The dress is absolutley stunning and i am sure you will fit into it and look amazing for your wedding day infact i'm sure it will fit you before that date........................and the venue looks a dream a true fairy tale. I am sure you will live happily ever after with your Prince Charming and your two princesses.

Keep going girl this is enough to inspire anyone in your position.

Muchas Lovas xxx


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
Thanks hun! I really need some motivation right now... day 3 and the headache is killing me. Some hot buttered toast is calling my name I need to keep strong


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Awwww Lisa - you have 2 beautiful little girls, a sexy hb2b and a gorgeous dress and wedding venue. You will do it hun - one year from now you'll be looking ravishing and no doubt going out of your mind with stress for your big day!!! Big Motivational Hugs xx xx xx


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Wow, wow, wow... you can do this hon!!!! That fairytale wedding is worth the hard work, and you'll have the prettiest bridesmaids in the land!



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OMG the dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! You'll look beautiful with your adorable bridesmaids,just imagine those gorgeous wedding pictures you'll have to treasure forever! You can do it!!


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What a lovely family you have - and the perfect wedding day scheduled for next year.
Far nicer than any type of toast, and so much more special!
My motivation is to look good and meet someone - then I might be rivalling you with plans for my very own fairytale nuptials x
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aww love thats just the perfect fairtale! id thats not motivation then i dunno what is ....oh and it helps your other half is a stunnner!!!! (wonders if lisa will do a hubby swap !lol)


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promise us we can have fairytale wedding pics too?? you will look absolutely fabulous as will your gorgeous daughters. It will all be worth the hard work in the end for sure... all the best :):) stand proud xx


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What a beautiful family you have. You can do it Lisa, you know you can!! x x


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Thanks for all the support guys. Oh and Pebbles, I told my h2b you said he was hot.... you've given him a big head now ;)


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Hon you have so much to look forward to look at your gorgeous family.... and your dress looks stunning and your venue looks amazing too....
You can do it hon, I know you can........ hang in there your doing fab and once your in ketosis your be well on your way..
Stick with it you know its so worth it and you will look stunning on your wedding day xxx

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