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My name is Britt...

And I have a scales addiction. :cry:

It's so stupid how that little bit of technology can set you up for either a good or bad day.

I know weight fluctuates, and I know you should only *really* weigh yourself once a month, but I can't help it!
I'm up to four times a day at the moment!
Once when I get up, then after I've been to the toilet, then when I get home from work, then again before bed!
It's mental!

Please someone tell me it's not just me!
Otherwise I may have to check myself into The Priory...
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No pain, no gain
I know I'm the same. I can hear a little voice inside me saying 'Julie, move away from the scales' lol. Xx
I weigh myself every morning but then daren't get on again once I start eating lol!!!! That would really put me in a mood!!!

Have you found any patterns emerging? Is there certain foods that make you gain? I suppose if you're learning from it then it's not too bad. Eventually you'll know yourself what will be showing on the scales without stepping on.

Not sure if I've helped?? Lol.
Whenever I eat anything salty for dinner the next morning i'll 'weigh' a few pounds more, but they have usually gone by the time I get home from work. :\


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i weigh in most mornings - i have to weigh in with leggings and a tee shirt (which i wear to my official weigh in) and i can fluctuate loads each morning through the week.

Hoping to get a good loss this week of about 2lb! Not looking likely yet though.


Mr Gilbo

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I would say I'm lucky, but lucky isn't the right word to use when you weigh more than the capacity of your bathroom scales. So I can really only weigh in once a week at class. I always seem to be able to avoid weighing in at the swimming pool.

But I do remember when I was last on SW world and under the 23.5 stone I would weigh in every morning!


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I too am a serial weigher!!!! I keep saying that I'm gonna ditch them but I cant!!!
I am a serial weigher i have managed to get it down to just once a day. As it is so true that depending on what the result is it can set you up for either a good or bad day!!!!

Jen3 - I have noticed that our stats are very similar. As we dont have too much to lose how are you finding sticking to plan? x


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Hi Jen

Am finding it quite hard at the minute tbh. Partly due to the fact that people keep commenting on how well I look, I fit comfortably in a 14, good BMI etc that I dont feel I have as much incentive. I "think" I want about another 9lbish off but have lost and gained the same 3 lb for weeks now!!!

I'm away next week and have even resorted this week to meal replacement shakes which I know isnt the answer but want to go to my next weigh in in 2 weeks without having put on.

I've got another 8 weeks till my proper abroad holiday and really want to be down to the weight I want by then.

How are you managing?

I am near enough exactly the same as you. I am struggling to find the incentive but then i get annoyed with myself for not sticking to plan. I know i can do it as i have in the past. I go to Mallorca for a few days on Sunday - ash cloud pending! I won't look a fright in my bikini but won't be 100% happy with what i see.

I have decided to get back on plan properly when i get back and even add some exercise as have not done any what so ever for months and months.

I go to v festival in 11 weeks and want to be at my target by then which is nearly 17 pounds. You will have to keep me updated with your progress as it is nice to have the view point if someone with near exact stats x
I only do it once a day, I thought that was bad (or so everyone told me), as long as you find it more of an incentive than a way to make you more depressed, it doesn't matter. I have tried all manner of ways to stop, taking out of the batteries, getting my bf to hide them, but regular as clockwork, after my morning wee I strip off just to my knick-knocks and place the scales in the exact same place every morning 2nd tile in, 3rd across!
Ha ha! Mine is placed on the kitchen floor, one tile down, two from the right lol. This has made me chuckle. We're all crrrrrazy :)
I weigh myself every morning after I've had a wee. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I put the scales on the same tile on the kitchen floor and try 3 times incase my weight changes.
I'm a little crazy!!!!
Lol me too, at about 6am when I have a wee I check it then another few times up to 8:30 which is official weigh in time, it will generally be less at 8:30 than 6am. I find it keeps me on track as a weekly weigh in is way too much scope for me to tell myself what I'm eating is right and I will lose weight, no way it just gives me a license to eat.....!!! I also each time will do it 3/4 times to check its the same! Obsessed!!!


Addicted to Cheese
Its took a while but you have to realise that its not healthy!!! lol you arent going to go the rest of your life weighing every morning, so why do you need to do it now?! (is the way I look at it) I will admit I weigh most mornings but only when I remember so 2-3 times a week, normally monday morning, and thursday morning.

Imo, its only a problem if you act upon what the scales say. I have known lots of people who will loose and then think "yay so I can lax a little" and end up maintaining, or it goes the other way, you arent loosing enough so either starve yourself or go completely off the wagon. If you have done either of the 3 things above, then you need to take the batteries out of your scales, and try for a few weeks. Cold turkey! It really does help you feel like you are incontrol of you life instead of the scales, I was a 8 times a day weigher!! That was the only way I could stop and now like to see that my efforts are being rewarded (but dont let the result effect the week) rather than stressing about what it will say next time! xxx

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