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My name is kate...and i'm addicted to omelettes!!


I finally mastered to perfect omelette!!!
I am absolutely in love with them!!!
I have had two omelettes already this week!
Been making them with all sorts...gammon, bacon, quorn chicken, baked beans! You name it!!!

Today I have had porridge for brekkie, roast dinner for lunch!
I really want an omelette for my tea...honestly though is that being a little piggy??

3 eggs, cheese, and bacon??

I don't want to be eating too much!!

Kate x
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look lovely:D
Hmm, if you thing a 3 egg onlette is too much try cutting it down to 2 eggs, or 2 full eggs + 1 egg white (most of calories in an egg are in the yolk so you get the filling bulk of 3 eggs but slightly reduce the calories)

ps I am also addicted to omlettes. My fave: bacon, mushroom and cheese. Nom :p
No you're not being a piggy :) I love eggs too! I eat loads of them and it hasn't done me any harm.... cluck cluck!!
Mine never look that nice - what's your secret???
I love omlettes too and don't think having one for your tea after porridge and a roast dinner would make you a piggy at all!

I love a smoked salmon omlette for breakfast, especially on red days but I do tend to only make 2 egg omlettes as I have a special omlette pan and 3 eggs don't fit very well.
Mine never look that nice - what's your secret???
Ok so the one in the pic is quorn chicken, beans and cheese and 3 eggs.

I cook quorn in microwave, add it to the egg mixture with the grated cheese and 2 tbsps of baked beans!!

Frylight a frying pan...pour mixture in!!!
Move it around continuously for around 2 mins until it isnt runny...leave for couple of mins then wack it under the grill for 3/4 mins until thetop is browned off!

You know if its done because the underneath of it should be brown!!
Cool, will give it a go! Think my prob is I've never put it under the grill so by time the top is done, the bottom us over done!


Trying again in 2012
Your omlette looks yummy - and the title of your post made me smile as it reminded me of Stacey's mum in Gavin and Stacey!
I think I am addicted to cottage cheese quiche for lunch if its any consolation!

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Looks lush!
I too love omlettes!! They are sooooo versatile!! My fave is a simple mushroom one - mmmmmm!!! Me and hubs have omlettes at least once a week with some beans as they are so cheap as well.
I love omelettes as well, have just moved house, and have a new frying pan, so yesterday I was well excited to try out an omelette in it. Think mine is more like a fritatta tho, cos I don't bother with moving it all about once it's in the pan. I just cook off the filling (bacon and tomato in this case) whisk up the eggs and pour them over the top, then leave it til it sets a bit on the underside, chuck a bit of cheese on the top and stick in under the grill for a few mins. It was yummy, best omelette I've had in ages due to crappy non-non-stick pans!!!

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