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My new car

Ohhhh, very good choice, I've got one the same but in dark grey - they are lovely, enjoy xxx
Well when I say my car - its not really Im keeping my car (yellow punto sport) this is going to replace boyfs car, but Im going to drive it anD make him drive mine lol! Its got 6 gears which I find quite exciting! its scarey isnt it to think that we have £16,000 worth of metal sat outside our house just in cars (not to mention his god damn Motorbikes!) xxx
Hehe, what have you got the petrol or diesel one? I've got diesel, it's quite cheap to run too, mine does 49 mile per gallon (I only know this as it says on the screen).....
Have you pressed the little "sport" button whilst you've been driving yet?? Hehehehe x
We've got a diesel its a 1.9 CDTi SRI 150..... I only know cos OHs a mechanic. We dont get it til, Tue so havent had a chance to press any buttons yet! Yeah we looked into the miles per gallon and it said it'd do bout 48 ish, same as what mine does, but mines a petrol xxx
well its a bit of a myth that diesels are cheaper to run. In actual fact they're not (for a start they're more expensive to buy in the first place!) and diesels more per litre, and this is only going to do the same per gallon as my petrol car xxx
Not that its a competition and I wish I didn't beat you, but we filled ours up on Fri (both of them) and it cost ......... £133!! AND cos we went to Birmingham on Fri in mine we had to fill it up again today. So since Fri we've put £186 in petrol in! xxx
yup it is - especially when you see it written down! X
Your cars lovely. I wish I got 49 miles per gallon in mine, mines more like 25 and its a diesel.
whats your vicky? My bloke only gets 24 miles to the gallon out of his current car. its depressing I know! xxx
........make sure he doesn't drive round with the "sport" button on, it's more fun to drive but drinks the fuel. I only press the button when I want to beat a cocky boy racer!! Teehee x
I'll be telling him! Hes looking forward to blowing off boy racers - he does it at the moment.... I think secretly he wishes he was still one (but he's too old for it now!) xxx
whats your vicky? My bloke only gets 24 miles to the gallon out of his current car. its depressing I know! xxx
Mondeo ST 2.2 chipped to 223 bhp

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