My New Coat


Carpe diem

I bought a new coat today. Well, technically it's second-hand as I got it from my local charity shop but it looks like it's never been worn.

It's a really nice BHS black winter coat lined with fleece and has a hood. Thing is, I've bought it in a size 12 in the defiant confidence that I WILL be wearing it this winter!!
This time last year, I bought a new jacket from Evans in a size 28 (and that was a bit of a squeeze but they didn't have it in a 30). Now I'm wearing a size 18 lightweight jacket but I plan to be a lot smaller by the winter and need something thicker.
So I'm about to put another batch of bigger clothes on Ebay, last years jacket amongst them. :)

At the end of the day, if I don't manage to get down to a size 12 then all I've lost is £4.50 so it's not a very large financial gamble but it's the principle: I've bought that coat and I intend to get into it! .... And when I do, I'll post a pic of me wearing it! ;)
And you will get into it Debbie, I don't doubt it for a minute. Your determination and commitment is second to none and I am looking forward to seeing that pic of you in your size 12 coat! Love
I find retail therapy a superb motivational tool! hehe

But you are so good at buying a bargain - I would have been tempted to buy a really expensive item so that I would feel as if I'd wasted the money if I didn't lose weight. I think your head is screwed on better than mine hehe!

Well done girl, i have no doubt you will be in that size 12 by winter!!! you are a true inspiration.

Gen xx
I expect they'll be too big for most people on here Angela :)
Hi Debbie,

It is a good motivational tool having the coat there waiting for and it is something to aim for.

You could always bring your old clothes to the next Booth Camp/meet up and swap with someone else...

A few of the members were saying how this could be an idea to develop and save cost in post and packing...:confused: :rolleyes:

It is amazing how one year can turn your life around so much and for the better on top of that:)

Love Mini xxx