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My new favourite lunch


Finding inspiration
Yesterday, I was scratching around trying to find something to bring for my lunch but there wasn't much in. All I had in the fridge was some leftover basmati rice and half a tin of ASDA Chick Pea Dhal (both from other meals). So thought I'd have them together and to make it more exciting, made a hard boiled egg.

I have some takeaway dishes, so I put the rice in the bottom, quartered the hard boiled egg and laid that out then spread the leftover dhal over top and put a lid on it. Total peasant, leftover meal.

Heated it up at work yesterday and OH-MY-GOD. It was SOOOOO yummy! In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I went out and bought some more tinned dhal and am having it again for my lunch today!

And the best part is that it's free on Green/EE. :D
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ooo this sounds good!! what is dahl?? i see people talking about it quite a lot on here, i love chick peas so i think i would like it and especially if its free!!! xx


Finding inspiration
Dhal is just the name of that type of curry - usually made with pulses of some sort. Lentil Dhal is quite common, or Yellow Split Pea (I think that's Chana Dhal). The tinned Chick Pea Dhal at ASDA is really nice, especially heated up, and it's free on Green/EE. It's not expensive, and if you have it with rice (and a hard boiled egg if you like them), it lasts for two meals. Total bargain! :D
mmmm will look out for that!!! thanku xx


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That would make a nice change for work at lunchtime. I might have to walk round the carpark later on in the afternoon tho!

Mrs V

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Thank you for the recommendation, I shall give it a bash!
I use this a lot. Its great with lots of mushrooms added and then mixed into a cooked pack of savoury rice too for lunch at work. I also use it as a base for a veggie curry as like you say it is free on green :)


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Ooh! Am a huge fan of chickpeas (worryingly quite addicted to them!). Chick pea dahl sounds delish! Defo going in my trolly next time I'm shopping! Thanks for the tip!


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sorry to be thick but how hot is a dhal love chickpeas so would try it but im a wuss if things are to hot lol


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Spot on! I'm sitting here pondering what to take for lunch tomorrow. Now I know! Hungry already!!! lol Wouldn't have thought of adding the egg, but my mouth is watering just thinking of it now! lol

Steph, it really isn't hot at all. You can always mix in a little Total 0% if you want it cooled further, but I'm sure you wont. It has all the lovely taste of mixed spices, but very little heat. Yum!

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