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My new pup!

A couple of weeks ago we were woken by a banging noise, which we found to be a dog trying to pound our back gate open. We let him into the garden because we didn't want our dog (a husky) getting out if he broke the gate. We called the warden and later in the day they came to collect him. By this time we'd gotten attached to the "little" guy. So we put our names down in case he never got claimed back. Well 2 weeks later... We've now got him back :) He's a pyrenean mountain dog and he's only about a year old. His name is casper.

Kodi (left) and me with Casper, chilling

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now you have a sled team for when it snows again this week.. :)

that's one big dog..
have you recently moved into the place? maybe it's the previous owners and he's come "home"..?
how lovely:D
He's a gorgeous 'little' man!!
Wow that's a big dog! He looks very pleased with himself. He obviously picked the right house to pound down the gate of that night! :D
There are certain breeds of dog that are known as 'smilers' and he is definitely a smiler! He's gorgeous and looks so happy and content. Have to say I admire you for not only taking him in on that night, but for giving him a loving home at a time when peple are using the economic crisis to get rid of their 'beloved' pets. You're a star!
Wow - what a wonderful dog!! And of course your Husky looks lush too. How lucky!! Hope they both get on together - and you are very fortunate to have a huge sofa to accommodate them both!!

(I have a German Shepherd - so I know what it feels like to share a sofa with a big hairy dog!)

now you have a sled team for when it snows again this week.. :)

that's one big dog..
have you recently moved into the place? maybe it's the previous owners and he's come "home"..?
We've been here for 2½ years, and the dog is about a year old the rescue say, so obviously not from here.

He's just a big teddy bear, he gets on great with everyone.

As for the economic crisis that has forced people to sell their dogs, I would be selling my kidney before I sell a dog..lol I was told by the warden that if no-one claimed him and he couldn't be rehomed, then he may be put down, and there was no way I could have that on my conscience.

He's been here 24 hrs now and it feels like he's been here his whole life.
He's gorgeous.
Awww he's lovely, my dog had pups on 2nd January, they all go to their new homes next week, I'm gonna miss them all terribly. I'll have to put some pics up of them. They're king Charles cavaliers :)
:eek: he is beautiful!!!!! I love husky's too!! It seems almost like fate he come to you, so lovely!
I have a Samoyed, shes about 10 months old now and i love her so much
I really do believe it's fate that brought him here. We live in a little cul de sac in a tiny village in the hills. To get to our little street he must have passed hundreds of other houses.

I used to have another husky, but he passed 2 years ago, and we'd been thinking about getting another dog, but we didn't want a puppy because we didn't want the house training etc.. with the kids being young still (one is just starting potty training), so we knew it would be a rescue dog, but we could never agree on a breed. But i guess that decision got taken out of our hands. :p

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