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My new start :-)

I've gained weight, my trousers are tight, I have a muffin top, I can't fit into my combats any more :cry: and I'm quite ashamed of myself really.
I am no longer a target member as I'm so far out of target so I'm starting afresh.
I haven't been at this stage for so long guys, I've been doing my up and down a few pounds either side of target for so long that I've developed a fair few bad habits along the way.

So here's to my new start today, hope some of these things will help you and I'm open to more suggestions too :D

1. Make sure I plan lunches the night before as if I don't it's Starbucks or the sandwich van.

2. Eat fruit if I'm peckish not biscuits.

3. Lots and lots of superfree. I've stopped having salad with pasta and rice dishes and I always used to have a side salad.

4. Vary my meals and start cooking new recipes again. Beef Stifado from the mag tonight!

5. Eat less crap syns and more good ones. I've just bought avocados for salad tomorrow. 2.5 syns an ounce.

6. No Tuesday night pig out.

7. Be a good girl generally and take it one week at a time.

New me, new start, new target.
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will hit target this time
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you've started afresh and that's the main thing, you'll be back in those combats in no time :p sometimes we all need a little gain to get us back on track and give us a fresh bout of enthusiasm for the diet! wishin you the best of luck, and just remember you've been a target member before so it IS achievable!

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BIG:bliss:for not giving up!! keep the determination up u feel today and that muffin top will be gone in no time!!!........hope my bagel belly goes as quick xx
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Good Luck Hun! You've done it once, you can certainly do it again! xx


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Good luck, i'm sure you'll be back on track in no time.

I notice your loss to target is very similar to mine -(9lbs vs 7.5lbs) - i'll be keeping an eye out to see who gets there first!

I'm guessing you - I have 2 hen parties, a 30th birthday, my wedding and honeymoon in the states all coming up in the next couple of weeks/months!
I have a bit more to lose as I've reset my target to the same as yours so I have just over a stone. Eek.
I have recently had a hectic social time and it's gone quiet now thankfully so I can concentrate on me and reducing my waistline!
Good luck with yours too :)


Full Member
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I can imagine this will be me in a few months time really struggling with maintaining.
I am ok while I am trying to lose and stick to it 100% as soon as I say I am maintaining I cant do it hmmm :rolleyes: prob psycholigical

Good luck I am sure you will get there again in no time :)


Never gets tired of SW!
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Hi Jay chick, the great news is that you only put 9lb on, which may feel a lot to you, but lets face it could have been a lot lot worse before you decided to take action and nip it in the bud! Some people put that on in just one holiday! I know you've now lowered your target but I'm sure it still won't take you too long! Certainly don't beat yourself up or feel like you've failed in any way! Let's face it, reaching target and staying that way long term is a challenge in itself, with a whole new set of strategies to take onboard! You've done a bit of experimenting, gone just 6lb over the 3lb boundary for target, and the ONLY important thing here is that you're determined to stop it in its tracks before it does get out of hand. You can only be commended for it!! And just think how you're going to feel when you reach your NEW target!! Even slimmer than you were before!!XXXXX
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Good Luck <3


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I had a few weeks where I fannied around, half sticking to SW. I was a couple of lbs away from my target (same as yours) and ended up putting about half a stone back on! I need to remember I'm not the only one to have done this - we're only human!

Last week went totally backed to basics, did pretty much the same things as you've listed, and lost 3lbs on my Monday WI (I do SW from home). I'm so determined to reach 10 stone perhaps a bit less, by the end of the year.

You've got to target before, and I've always been impressed with how well maintained. You'll be back to your target weight before long, I'm sure of it!
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Hey Jaybob

Every article I ever read about succesful weight loss included reference to constantly keeping things in check and changing the way you do things when it isn't working. Looks like you just nailed both of these, you clever cookie!

Sounds like you have had a real think, you are very self-aware and now you have a plan on how to sort it. This is the kind of stuff that means you will be slim for life. I KNOW you can do this, good luck girlio



Champion actifryer
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Hey Jaylou. Good on you for taking action. It is so easy to become complacent - I've not even reached target and can already see that if I "let go" for a few days, the weight starts to creep up. I guess it's probably even harder if your friends and family are of the mindset that you've done your diet and can now eat "normally" again. Truth is I will never be able to eat what others would call "normally" in the long term. Because what is normal to some people piles on the pounds for me.

But it is great to have SW as a tool to reign it in when needs be and to allow some flexibility from time to time. Control is the key. Good luck - you don't need it really cos I know you've got the determination to get to target. Will watch your progress. xx

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