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My own little 45 days 100% Challenge (new tattoo)


Just doing a thread to keep me going...

I have booked a tattoo for the 23rd Sept - I would like to be as close go goal as possible by then. (The tattoo is on my ribs - so it wont look very good with a big belly :p lol)

I am on 810 at the moment - but have been eating a bit more than I should have over the weekend...So here we go 45 days at 100% :talk017:

So today is day 1 - I have done 100% so far and I'm positive to say I will be 100% all day :)

Let you know how I get on tomorrow!

If anyone would like to join me - you are more than welcome ;)
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Needs to stop eating!!
What tattoo you wanting to get...Good luck with 100% ;D
Woo Hoo!!! We'll do it together!! Keep in touch and let me know how your going :)
My own little 45 days 100% Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: So far so good!! Been in work since 6 - just about to have my 1st shake. Its my other halfs birthday today :553:
think I'll make him something nice for tea :)

Let you know how the rest of the day goes!
Hey Sarah,

Id like to do this too! the 23rd of sept is the day i start uni so id like to see as much weight off as i can!

im still waiting for my shakes to arrive tho so iv not started yet, tomorro hopfully!!

plus, i realllly liket aht pic for the tatoo! gonna hurt on the ribs girlie! good luck lol

Hi DizzyFlowers,

Good luck with CD - It really does work.. We can keep eachother on track!!

Keep in touch x
Day 2 (update) & Day 3

Day 2 - Ok its confession time lol. Its my 25th Birthday on Sunday (and my other halfs birthday was yesterday "day 2") - We had booked a meal for Friday (been planned for months had planned to have a nice meal "off plan")
Anyway we had to cancel the meal due to my other half losing his job, so we could not afford it.

So we decided to go for a carvery last night instead :eek: I had lots of veg, 1 roast potato, and beef and a bottle of Budwiser.

So day 2 didnt quite go as planned....

Day 3 - Back on track today.. I have decided to do SS for the next 4 days until I get back into ketosis and then I will move back to 810 - wish me luck for the next 4 days lol :p


supposed to be working!
i love ur idea for a tattoo! thats my goal too!!! at 120lbs im getting one on my pelvic bone (ouch!)
Day 4 - Is going very well! I'm hoping I lose weight by my next weigh in - at the moment is only showing I've lost a 1lb since 31/07!! But I have now had TOTM for 13 days :( and one day off :)
Day 5 - Going well today - just had my 1st shake. Think I'm going to move back up the plans today and have a Tuna Salad later.. It usually takes me 4 days to get back into ketosis - so I might weight until tomorrow... See how I feel later :)

Hope everyone else is doing well x
Day 6 - Last night I ended having a meal (tuna salad) So I'm back on 810 now.. Dont think I'm back in ketosis yet - might check tomorrow.

I was feeling a bit fed up earlier that I cant go out and have a drink for my birthday - but if I'm honest I dont rally want to... Just something that I've always done... Id much rather be a thin 25 year old than be set back on the diet (and put weight on) just for a couple of drinks.
So I've just had a bath and done my nails instad lol...
Happy Birthday to me!!!

Day 7 - Today is my 25th Birthday :553:- and I'm very happy to be 34lbs lighter than my 24th Birthday :) :)

810 is still going well... I'm really hoping to be 9st something by next WI but not getting my hopes up cos I've never had big losses...

Anyway I did weigh yesterday morning and I was 10st 4lbs - but I've now made my other half hide the scales (again) cos I end up weighing 10 times a day lol... I'm not going to weigh till end of the month.
Enough of my waffling - hope everyone is ok!!!
Day 9 - So I ended up going out for a drink on my birthday on sunday and for a family meal yesterday... I tried to be as sensible as possible. Anyway its day 9 and I'm back on track (again)...
Day 10 - I had a sneaky weigh last night and I've gone back up to 10st 9lbs!!!!!!!! Last week when I weighed I was 10st 4lbs. I'm not going to update my weight data until I officially weigh on the 31/8 - I hope I can pull it back by then.

I'm so pissed off with my self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I do it?
Day 11 - Another day 100% :) :)
Although I haven't been to the gym this week - I'm going to wait until I get back into ketosis (I usually go 2 the gym 3 days in a row then have a rest day and so on....) So I'm planning on starting back on Sunday.

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