My pet fat?


Anyone know where I can buy fat blobs?? You used to be able to get them on the pink site, but no more :(:(:(

I found the my pet fat site, but it's American and I'm not sure of all the charges etc...if anyone can shed some light on this, that would be fab!

sooooo difficult to find some lovely fat blobs!! ebay = no help. The only place I can find stuff is on that american site. I reeeeeeally want a 5lb fat blob which will cost me $150 plus $38 loaaaaads of money. Why has the pink site taken it's stuff down!!?? waaaaah!!:confused::confused:
Hi Coley,

Its not via the order line you need to speak to Emma. It is always available to order at the conferences and CD make a special order then post out to you.

They ordered after the Fitness with CD training so they may have some spare at Corby if not they will be able to order for you.
I actually have a brand new in it's box original 5 pound fat blob for sale!

One of my customers wanted it but then changed his mind and had a 1 pound instead.

Give me a mail if you fancy it, I think it was about 40 quid from memory but I find them invaluable for motivation of clients.

It's a blob of very realistic fat (that is actually plastic!) but is very effective as a motivational tool.

Eurgh, and to think I've lost nearly three of those! Thanks for posting that Coley, I can see the motivational aspect. I used to have a friend who was a theatre nurse and her stories of fat under anaesthetic were seriously offputting too.
It also puts weigh-ins in perspective. I am sure even if I have only lost 2lb tonight I will think of it as a portion of that horrible blob !
The one pound fat blob is excellent as a motivational tool when people have had a "bad" week. It does make you realise that it isn't a good idea to have it all over your body and certainly makes me think "oh my god" everytime I pick it up and play football with it....

where can I buy a 1 lb blob of fat, the 5lb one sounds a bit expensive, but I could afford a 1lb one and use it as a paper weight on my desk to remind me of my journey, never to be repeated!!


Polly x
I have another fat blob inspirational tool - 1 stone one ...........

it's my very fat ginger cat .... who weighs exactly 1 stone! And those of my clients who want to I tell to pick him up (he LOVES the attention!!!) and they can't believe they've lost the equivalent of him!

I will try to upload a photo of him ... but not very good at this computer techy stuff!