My Pledge (to get back on track...)


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Just wanted to come on here to 'confess' that I've been a naughty girl since weigh in on Wed. :break_diet: BUT after my Christmas night out tonight with work, I am vowing to get back on track as of TOMORROW! No more of this as I know I'm not getting weighed until the 7th of Jan and I don't want to put on loads.

I'm off to the in-laws on Sat for 2 weeks and will try to get weighed up in Scotland but will probably not make it to class til the 7th and I really really really want to get my 4st award when I'm back on 7th - I've only got half a pound to go so surely I can do that!

So here's my pledge and I'll keep coming back to look at it and keep me in check! I might not be following SW when I'm away as it can be difficult but I will at least try and eat as healthily as possible, say no when possible and do some exercise whilst I'm away. HOpefully that will counteract any damage! I will most likely try and do calorie counting to try and keep me in check. I'm thinking 1500-1800 should be ok?
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Good on you hun, it's hard sticking to SW when you're away but make sensible choices and I'm sure you'll be fine. xxx


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Yes, it can be hard. I'm going to play it by ear and either try to stick with SW new plan or just do the calorie counting. I'm thinking cals might be easier as the in-laws have a lot of ready meals and that type of thing. I'm taking my trainers and work out gear and going to take the opportunity of being near the sea to go out and do some walking!


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Good luck Stacey. I think your determination is great. I would just think "sod it!" I am taking Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day off but I will be sensible. I am thinking quality rather than quantity so hopefully I won't have a large gain. I am all ready for refocusing in January. Good Luck and I hope when you come back on the 7th you will have got your 4 stone award.


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Good luck. 4 stone is such a great amount of weight to lose :)

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Eating sensibly and doing lots of walking will definitely help Hun. This time of year is really difficult to stick to any diet and I am amazed that some people can!
Enjoy your Christmas without feeling guilty, then when you return, you know what you have to do in order to reach that next target.