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My pregnancy diary - Time to put the weight gain on HOLD!

I thought I'd join everyone else and create a pregnancy diary =)

I found out I was pregnant on April fools day which I thought was quite funny when I handed my OH the test ^.^

This is my third baby, my eldest is 6 and my youngest (can I still say youngest? lol) is 18 months - both girls. So I'm desperatly hoping for a boy.

This is definitely the last one for me which means I'll either be having a C section so I can be sterilised after or the OH is going to have to have the snip, I'm hoping he'll go for the snip option.

I have a lot of weight to lose so want to lose between 1 and 2lb a week during this pregnancy, at the very worst I'm hoping not to gain!

I still haven't been to my midwife, cause I know once I do the rest of this pregnancy is gonna be spent going to hospital appointments for checkups *yawn*

Anyway, that's me. I look forward to keeping up with how you're all doing xx
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Don't worry, be happy :)
Congrats on the great news. I think it's very achieveable to lose a little or at least maintain if you stick to SW throughout, although i know how hard it can be when the morning sickness kicks in or your just feeling like rubbish and can't be bothered cooking.

This is my 3rd aswell and we also have 2 girls so in the same boat hoping for a wee boy, fingers crossed we get a our little blue bundles this time.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months. x
Congrats !! I'd like to lose a few pounds too maybe about 7 in the first tri, STS in the second and gain a wee bit in the third. Well I can wish anyway ;)
My third pregnancy too, I've two boys already 3 & 22 months


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Congratulations. Wow, finding out on April fools day. How many times did you pinch yourself or retake the test? Hope this pregnancy goes well. You seem like you have it all sussed out. I am on my first so it's all new to me.
Have a happy nine months.
Take care
Kelly x
Congratulations. Wow, finding out on April fools day. How many times did you pinch yourself or retake the test? Hope this pregnancy goes well. You seem like you have it all sussed out. I am on my first so it's all new to me.
Have a happy nine months.
Take care
Kelly x
I did it twice as soon as the 2 lines appeared on the first one I was like "whaa..." and ripped another out of the packet lol took em downstairs to the OH and said "happy April fools day" :D

Good luck with your pregnancy too hun, enjoy it cos it goes quick xx


I will be a yummy mummy!
Funny how docs are different - mine just took my word for it, no tests at all.

You'll be a pro with it being your third so be prepared to answer lots of questions from us first timers!!

Have you worked out roughly when your due date will be?
I bought some maternity pants the other day, not cos I need them yet, just cos I want some comfy elasticated waist pants lol. Anyway, even though I ordered them 2 sizes smaller than I take they were HUGE and hella long! What's that about?!

So I've given up clothes shopping, and I'm gonna slum it in PJ's and trackies for as long as possible, yay me lol

I still haven't taken a sample to the Dr's, really not been in the mood to leave the house today. Instead I'm gonna try to convince the OH to go and get me the sample bottle and then when I've filled it, he can take it back... aren't I kind lol
He'll be delighted ;)
Congratulations. Fingers x u get ur blue

I wanna lose weight too while pregnant. defo dnt wanna get bigger.

DOnt no wether to start a new preg diary or go find my old one and add to it lol
I still haven't been to the Dr's, OH refused to go, he claimed he's been doing enough already lol but I will deffo get there before Friday

Sickness is back and it's brought a friend - hiccups! Every meal is a chore and all I want to eat is fruit and yogurt, great for losing weight but I'm not sure I could survive on it.

I'm managing to stick to Slimming World though yesterday I did have a few too many syns in the shape of curly wurlys and treat size smarties lol. There are some left in the cupboard but I'm keeping my distance.

Hope you're all doing well and feeling good xx


I will be a yummy mummy!
Wow I wish I could have stuck to fruit and yoghurt - for the first 9-10 weeks all I wanted was cheese, cheese, cheese. Preferably on anything bready or potato-y. I also completely went off fresh anything - fruit or veg.
And you know it's really difficult trying to get back into a healthy eating routine.

Strange one hiccups - never heard of that. It must be really annoying for you hun!
Food-wise just make sure you're having something if you're sick, I wouldn't worry too much about what it is xx
Is slimming world a diet u can follow while pregnant officially?

Morning sickness sucks. Hope it passes soon.
I was told with your midwifes permission slimming world is fine and you can go to group. I tried signing up to the site but when I said I was pregnant it wouldn't let me so i changed it to say i wasn't pregnant then once I was signed up changed my personal details to say that i was pregnant, it removed the option to weigh in and told me that I need to track my weight with my midwife instead and also put up some links about being pregnant.

I'm not sticking to it very well at the moment though, today I've had a tonne of smarties, and haagen daaz, oh and a deli of the day meal from McDonalds... sweet chilli chicken which I think is the one with the highest amount of calories lol I've also had about 6 yogurts and a tonne of fruit which is helping with the sickness.

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