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My progress from restarting through to Xmas

STS this am which wasn't unexpected after a 1lb loss the day before BUT we had an inpromptu Xmas do at work and I ate (didn't mean to but I did!). I did keep to non carby things, pastrami, turkey and a bit of cheese but I'm still annoyed at myself for eating as I really didn't have to. Not hungry tonight tho so I'm not having anything else. WI tomorrow! If I STS as 2 days ago I'll be ok with that I think.
Hey, I'm rooting for you to make it. Keep going hun...we're almost there xxx

I don't understand how non-carb food like that can have a significant impact though. Is it more to do with the calories?

I'm trying to get my head round why on S&S, we have that optional veg allowance rather than a protein allowance? Aren't there more carbs in the veges than if I had grilled, skinless chicken breast instead?
Actually, I've been meaning to ask that question for a while now.
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Feeling great in 2012!
Yes there are more carbs but I guess it's maybe a calorie / vitamin thing with the veg? Maybe the calories are low enough not to make a difference and the carbs low enough not to affect ketosis? Don't know for sure. I don't have the veggies every day as I don't want to impact my losses too much which are sloooow anyway.

Back to my party eating I'm sure that the carbs would be ok but there would be extra calories that wouldn't be good. And those sliced cooked meats contain quite a lot of salt I think so could impact water retention I guess. Wish I'd kept away from the cheese too as it it horribly high in calories. Oh well.


Feeling great in 2012!
Well I paid for my off plan food at WI this am. The scales went up slightly to 13st 8lbs :(. I didn't exactly have a feast tho and only had my shake and bar before my indiscretion totalling around 270 calories so it can't have been too terrible calorie wise. I'm hoping it's water retention due to the salt in the food? Nothing I can do about it now tho other than plug away for the next 3 days.
Hey - I get how u feel about not having to have eaten! But look at what we now class as a slip up - eating 270 cal of protein! If we keep with this mentality we surely will be thin for life! Definitely wouldn't worry too much (easier said than done) and its scientifically impossible for such a low intake to cause a gain when u r still in ketosis and still consuming very low calories so keep sipping water I'm sure it's retention from salt x
Oooooh, I didn't realise that salt was such an issue. I know that too much is not good for you, but didn't realise that salt affected weight loss. Am learning so much from this journey.
hi hun, ive had a couple of little blips like that where i had a celebration meal but like you i just had protein but getting back on it straight away is the answer and it will soon be off so dont worry, you made good choices and thats the main thing xxxxxxx


Feeling great in 2012!
Well I managed to kick myself out of ketosis a bit earlier than I intended so I'm going to start my Xmas break now. I didn't quite make my 4 stone target but I set myself a target of starting the new year 'still in the 13s' so hopefully I won't do too much damage over Xmas. I'm going to start a new thread when I restart in the new year which will hopefully be my last stage of the journey to goal. I'm hoping to get there by end of March with maybe a step up plan in there at some point. Happy Christmas everyone and good luck with your eating plans this Christmas whether staying 100% throughout or taking a break. See you all in the new year!


Feeling great in 2012!
So a little bit of a food diary for my Xmas off. I have no idea how this would stack up against something like WW or SW as I've never done either of those plans. This is very definitely 'time off for good behaviour' and I fully expect to gain some during Xmas and New Year although I hope I don't go too mad. I will still weigh in on 28th to check progress and then my next WI is 4th Jan when I go back to work and intend to restart SSing. I didn't buy too many horribly calorific things. We have an Xmas pud, a rhubarb crumble and some cream but I avoided buying Xmas cake (even though it was half price and I would definitely have bought a bargain in previous years!) and any other sugary indulgent things. There is a box of chocs in the cupboard that I was given at work and a tin of Celebrations that has sat there for a while without being opened.

22nd Dec - kicked myself out of ketosis early by having chocolates at work (had intended to break in the evening of 24th originally) but the last 2 days at work were really hard and I caved. Low carbed that evening but decided to take my break 2 days early.

23rd Dec - 4 chocolates from the tin at work, a S&S shake and in the evening 2 chicken drumsticks, a small piece of french bread, a slice of brie and a banana. No alcohol! 2 cups of 49 calorie coffee. Was completely full and didn't need anything else!

24th Dec - serving of porridge (approx 200 cals) for breakfast, 2 chicken drumsticks, slice of brie, slice of double gloucester and onion, approx 6 cashew nuts, small slice of french bread, a banana. Had a couple of mojitos in the evening and then I wanted more food (after alcohol, what a surprise!). Had 5 garlic and ginger prawns in breadcrumbs and 5 potato wedges.

Chicken drumsticks will feature quite heavily as I ordered raw chicken wings for the dogs in my online shop and the van had driven off by the time I realised that they had been substituted for cooked chicken drumsticks that the dogs can't eat! So we have a mountain of drumsticks to get through by 30th Dec when they go out of date! Guess there are worse things to eat (diet wise).

I noticed my weight increase the minute that I went out of ketosis. I know that's because my glycogen stores are refilling but it does confirm to me that I'll need to aim to get to at least half a stone below target weight so that when I start to add carbs back into my diet my weight doesn't go above my goal.

25th Dec (Merry Christmas!) - had a special breakfast of 2 poached eggs and 2 small, thin slices of toasted tiger bread without spread. Feeling pretty full still by the start of lunchtime so we've decided to eat Christmas lunch mid afternoon. That should pretty much do us through the rest of the day. I'm not going to make the starter I planned as to be honest I don't think I'd be able to eat that plus the main course and as it's just the OH and me today he's not that bothered about a starter. He'd rather have Xmas pud I think :).

So onto the main event. We had turkey and duck, roast spuds, stuffing, 2 pigs in blankets each, carrots, sprouts, peas and gravy, and I had a couple of glasses of wine. We decided we were too full for the Xmas pud at the time so we left it until tomorrow but the OH opened up a box of chocs in the evening and unfortunately I hit those in a big way :(. Didn't overindulge in alcohol though which is quite unusual. Also didn't feel horribly full and bloated so I guess that's a bonus. The chocs were bad tho!

26th Dec - hit the scales at 13st 12.2lbs this am :eek:. Got 1.8lbs to play with now until 4th Jan when I restart to meet my goal of 'being in the 13s on restarting'. It's actually quite scary how much you put on when coming out of ketosis.

Another indulgent day food wise. A few slices of cheese at around noon, then early afternoon we had yesterday's left over turkey and duck with roasted winter vegetables. Early evening was a horribly calorific Xmas pud and cream and a few glasses of wine.

27th - brunch today was 2 poached eggs, 2 slices lean grilled bacon, mushrooms and 2 small slices of thin toast. Definitely not feeling as full now as when I first started back on proper food! Clothes aren't feeling any tighter though. Weighed in a 13st 13.2lbs this am, 5.2lbs heavier than when I stopped. I hope that most of it is water and will come off quickly when I restart as I know that I haven't consumed 15000 more calories than my maintenance level.

Scoffed chocolates throughout the day and then had ginger and garlic prawns and potato wedges in the evening.

28th - Put on 7.2lbs at this morning's WI but hopefully it will come off just as quickly when I restart. Chocolates called to me the minute I got up and I'll be damn glad when they're gone. Apart from chocolate I haven't eaten anything else yet (how unhealthy is that!) but I intend to have some lunch soon. Maybe something healthier!

Healthier lunch - chicken salad, but I have managed more chocs since :eek:

We polished off the rest of the Xmas pud in the evening but at least that's gone now! And I managed a day without alcohol!

29th - More chocolates this morning! I'll be glad when they're all gone. I wouldn't mind but I don't buy or crave chocolates usually (pre diet) but it's that same old thing about not being satisfied until the lot is gone!

2 chicken drumsticks and some brie for lunch. Chicken ok, brie not so!
Salmon with chilli, new potatoes and veggies for supper, oh and a couple of alcoholic drinks. The salmon was lush. Could quite happily eat that (minus the potatoes possibly) when I'm maintaining.
Starting to feel fatter now so a definintely need to get my head in gear big time on 4th!

30th - chicken and salad for lunch. Finally getting through the cooked chicken :). A few more chocs but they'll be gone today and that will be that.
Chocolates done and dusted at last, cheese, ham and biscuits for supper and rather too much wine .....

31st - Porridge for breakfast, cheese and biscuits for lunch, then lamb shank, veggies and jacket potatoes for supper. 3 glasses of wine.

1st January - Happy New Year! Porridge for late breakfast / early lunch
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Feeling great in 2012!
Oops, 7.2lbs on over Xmas during my week off. I know that some of this is my glycogen stores refilling as I came out of ketosis. I have another week off plan before my restart and it will be interesting to see how much I put on this week as surely those stores should have refilled by now? Hope I lose it all just as quickly as it went on! I'm not stressing about it though as I know that I will get back on track in another week.
you will be fine hun, thats the main thing with this diet is to get back on it, the longer you leave it the harder it is! im the same as you im sure mine must be all water as i havent gone really mad its just eating the wrong food and like you im out of ketosis but started again this morning as we dont do much new year so didnt want to wait til after that good luck with it hun we will be fine xxx


Feeling great in 2012!
I'm still 7.2lbs heavier than I was before my Xmas break but that means that I haven't put any on in the last 2 days so I suppose my glycogen stores have refilled and anymore weight I put on between now and my restart on Wed will be pure old fashioned fat! Fingers crossed it'll only be a couple of pounds more than where I am now! Got my birthday and New Year to get through yet tho!

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