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My progress!

Im writing this down, mainly for my own record.
I had a bit of a blow out yesterday so I need some positivity to get me back on track!

Starting stats:
10st 12.4lbs
Waist 92cm
Thigh 59cm
Upper tummy :eek: 89cm
Arm 32cm
Neck 32cm
Hips 99cm
(I forgot to do chest, but did a few days in wearing a bra and it was 40")

Week 1 -9.5lbs
Week 2 - 3lbs
Week 3 - 2lbs
Week 4 (after a large blow out)

After over eating yesterday, I put on nearly 2lbs, so put on what Id lost this week, my WI is on Wednesday, so we'll see how much I can repair my binge :eek:

I want to be 100% until I lose this 12lbs and then when Im at 9st I want to do 2 shakes and a light meal and then 1 shake and 2 light meals so Im back in to food again and will be at my target of 8st1 2lb

Well, thats the plan.................... ;)
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Hi Hels I had blow out the other week and although it slowed me I still got on top of it, just keep positive and remember any loss is a loss and if you where not losing or staying the same your weight would be going up!

I see there is note on the website that s&S are starting a 1 hour live chat every monday at 9pm from 26th September that should be good x
Oooh cool, like a chat room? That would be ace!

Today hasnt gone well, carb heaven! Im working all week and find it easier whenIm not at home so tomorrow is the day, and Im dusting off the 30 day shred ..........Eeeeeeeek!!!!


Feeling great in 2012!
I might log onto chat on 26th if I remember. In theory it will be my first day back on S&S after my week's break. Maybe chat to some of you then. Hopefully it will take our minds off food! :)
WOW, bloody hell its hard to get back on it, I feel such a fatty!


Feeling great in 2012!
Right today is the re start, no if's or buts!
I WI at 9st 13lbs so have gained about 3lbs.......i want them gone asap!


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Hard work but worth it. You have great results so far which should help your motivation and mine too. Good luck today x


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Things going well Hels?
Yep, all good ta girls!!
I was back to 9st 11lbs this morning so I will have still lost this week! I weighed in a day early last week, so pheewww!
Wish me luck for wednesday! Im out on Friday night, I have said Ill drive so I cant drink, but Id love to go and have a few! I have a foxy dress to wear and cant WAIT even if its just to wear the dress haha!
Morning all!

Well this morning I WI at 9st 10.2lbs so yay I lost 2 lbs! Only 12lbs to go to ultimate target! Yipppeee


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You're still going strong right near the end when many of us just change diet plans to eat again. What is your plan food wise once you are at target? Does slim&save have a maintenance programme?
Errm, I think they recommend like CD where you go up to 3 shakes and a meal etc.

To be honest, 8st 12 is the lowest I want to be, so wasnt going to go all the way on just shakes as when I did 810 on CD I lost quite a bit of weight. Im not in ketosis so have had tea with my daughter (were having a 'girly' night! Just had king prawns and some salad) and have decided that maybe I will go to 2 shakes and a small meal, or a WW ready meal, keeping cals and carbs low.
Although, Id really like to try one more 100% week just to see what I could lose.....so in other words Im waffling and I dont have a clue where to go now!!!
Although I wanted to
gahhhhhhhhhhh after a 20 minute binge I think I have established I need to stay on the shakes damn it! A bit of food and I blow it again.!


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New day tomorrow. Just a binge, all forgotten.
Enjoy the 100% day.

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