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My Question off the other thread...what about you guys???


Restart 3/9/2013
I dont know!!! Sorry boring answer but I dont. I know that I want to start exercising and find something I enjoy, so that I can use exercise in future to keep the weight off!

Apart from that I dont know really. I guess my target weight still feels too far off for me to make definate plans...
I plan on joining WW after i have finished cd (whenever that will be!) and once i get dd settled into school im going to find me a job dont know what yet though


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I really dont have any plans other than to enjoy & look after my new body and work on increasing my fitness. I'd love to get back to playing netball on some level but then i remember i'm kicking the ass of 40 :eek::D lol
Sometimes wish i did have a big plan though but nothing major will be happening until the two children reach school age.


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Im glad im not the only one with no big plans. The rest of my life is already sorted, weight is the hardest and therefore the last thing to be tackled.


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Well, I plan to work hard for my 2nd year of A levels and get into LSE to do Maths and Economics.
Though my GCSEs aren't the best so I'll have to have a spectacular personal statement :D

Then I plan to do something financial in the big city.
Then I plan to get married and leave my job when I have kids.

Of course it won't work out like that, but if everything went to plan.. :D
Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that THIS time will be the time they succeed? I have started things so many times that I sometimes wonder why this would be any different-but deep down I KNOW it is different. I feel different - and yet this is the hardest diet I have done in some ways. I often picture myself in nice clothes but i can never imagine my face slim! I think once I get there I will spend the first 6 months re-building my wardrobe and getting used to being slimmer.....interesting point about joining WW....I was thinking if I did CD Mon-Fri (its so easy when I am at work) so that at weekends I could relax and eat what I want (in reason of course) i thought the 2 would balance themselves out....what do you think??
well i am going to stick to low carbing, and then defo give up smoking! and go back to college if i cant find a solicitors that will take me on and train me up to become a civil solicitor.. and also really go for it and concentrate on passing my driving test!

and hopefully fingers crossed have another baby within the next 12 - 24 months if i can get oh to agree to it. but dont eat for 2 !! lol

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