My re-start diary... 790...


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Hi all…

I lost 6ish stone between January and May last year with Lighter Life..

I started running in July this year and (albeit a stone or so heavier than when I finished LL) for the first time in my life my weight started to stabilise.. Post the Great North Run I sustained a back injury that has stopped me running and over the last 6 weeks or so I have put on another 2 stones… (mostly wine, vodka and chocolate I think…).

So..have now decided to ‘get a grip’ and started CD 790 on Saturday… although Saturday and Sunday were not the best (few glasses of wine consumed with supper..), I now feel in control… well vaguely in control anyway and thought it may be a good idea to start a diary for myself here…

I have come to the conclusion that until I can run again.. (my physio has referred me to a surgeon at the Royal London Hospital on Monday…) I really need to use CD as a weight loss and weight management tool..

Hopefully, it is ok for me to ramble away to myself on here… At least that way I can look back on the diary on days when I don’t feel as positive…

My starting weight is 12st 13lbs.. eek! Can anyone tell me how to set up a ticker so I can track my weight loss?

Onwards and upwards (or downwards…)…

Hi Katie,

Very sorry to hear about your back injury, very hard to manage when your back is at you and under the circumstances I think you have done well and now you have stopped it getting out of control.

To get your weight tracker you go to

Graphical Event Ticker for your Signature, Message Boards, Blogs and Web Page

and you will see weight and you click on it and then follow the instructions until you get to the end where you will see your weight tracker made up the way you want can go back and change your tracker if you don't like it by clicking back or forward by clicking next....

When you see your finished tracker you will also see a couple of boxes with code...

You want the first box that says bb code and you click on it and copy it as this is the one that works here.

You then return here and click on User CP and you then click on edit signature and you will see a post box and you paste the bb code in it...if you then click on preview you can see if you have got it and then click on save signature.

That is it, if you have any problems get back to me and tell me what you have done so that I can talk you through it.

Love Mini xxx